Water Wars In Africa: More Likely To Arise Out Of Political Failure, Not Drought
Via The East African, a look at the prospect of future water wars in Africa.  As the article notes, these [...]
Himalayan Glacial Melt And The Threat of Water Conflict In Asia
Courtesy of CNN, a sober report on the recession of Himalayan glaciers and the threat of conflict arising over diminised [...]
Hydropolitical Vulnerability in Asia
Via WaterWired, a summary of the Asian section of the UNEP report on hydrovulnerability, in particular the conclusions reached on [...]
East Africa: Aquacalypse Now
Courtesy of The Economist, a report on a looming water crisis in East Africa that is likely to give rise [...]
Water Wars – Between Industries
While this blog normally examines water allocation and scarcity issues between various transnational or other jurisdictions, this New York Times [...]
Hydropolitical Vulnerability and Environmental Security
Via Aquadoc, news that the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is publishing a series on the hydropolitical vulnerability and resilence [...]

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