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Libya’s Perfect Storm: Climate Change + Political Strife

Via the New York Review, an interesting article on how climate change has brought a dangerous new dimension to the Libya’s political strife: In a cramped, fluorescent-lit office in Tripoli up several flights of stairs, a middle-aged official and his staff labor on what is perhaps the most important work for future generations of Libyans. It’s […]

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Swathes Of Libya Without Water After Sabotage Threats

Via Terra Daily, a report on water shortages in Libya due to sabotage threats: Libyan authorities have shut water supplies to swathes of the country after gunmen demanding the release of a jailed Kadhafi-era official threatened to sabotage the water network. Supplies to western and southwestern Libya were interrupted overnight Saturday to Sunday, the Great […]

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Water Cut To Millions in Libya’s Tripoli

Via Terra Daily, a report on recent water cuts in Tripoli: Water has been cut off to millions of Libyans living in and around the capital Tripoli, the UN humanitarian coordinator for the country said, condemning its use as a “weapon of war”. “More than two million people, including 600,000 children, who live in Tripoli […]

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Libyans Dig For Water…In Cities

Via Reuters, a sobering article on how – across Libya’s capital – residents have started drilling through pavements to access wells in a desperate search for water after the taps ran dry: After years of neglect, workers turned off the water to do urgent maintenance earlier this month, cutting supplies to many Tripoli households. Then […]

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Tobruk Water Crisis Leading To Increasing Instability and Extremist Group Expansion

Via Future Directions International, a report on the Libyan city of Tobruk that is experiencing increasing societal, political and economic pressures due to severe water shortages: The Libyan city of Tobruk is one of many across the Middle East and North Africa region that is experiencing increasing societal, political and economic pressures due to severe […]

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