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Water War Amid Brazil Drought Leads To Fight Over Puddles

Via Bloomberg, a look at the battle between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo over scarce water supplies: Brazil’s Jaguari reservoir has fallen to its lowest level ever, laying bare measurement posts that jut from exposed earth like a line of dominoes. The nation’s two biggest cities are fighting for what little water is left. […]

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Brazil Edges To Brink of Epic Water Crisis

Via The Globe and Mail, a report on Sao Paulo’s worsening water crisis: One of the world’s biggest cities is running out of water. Sao Paulo, a city of 20 million people, could run dry within weeks. The humanitarian and economic cost would be immense. The fiasco should be a global wakeup call for other […]

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Depleting Groundwater

Via CBS News, a transcript of a televised report on disturbing new evidence that our planet’s groundwater is being pumped out much faster than it can be replenished: It’s been said that the wars of the 21st century may well be fought over water. The Earth’s population has more than doubled over the last 50 […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: China’s Upstream Dilemma

Courtesy of China Water Risk, a detailed look at China’s international water “reach”: China’s international freshwaters, shared with more than 20 riparian countries (North Korea, Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Bhutan, Myanmar, Laos, Nepal, Pakistan (Kashmir), Afghanistan, India and Vietnam) and autonomous regions, provides the region with a unique opportunity to enhance transboundary cooperation. With the […]

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Groundwater Crisis Is Driving Global Conflict

Via Nature World News, a look at the linkage between groundwater scarcity and global conflict: With rising drought conditions and spiking populations, the world is becoming a very thirsty place. Now, one NASA researcher is highlighting the concerns of a great many experts, claiming that not only is the world facing a water crisis, but […]

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Value Diluted: Water As A Business Issue

Via The Economist, a brief commentary on how water is becoming a growing business problem: IN 2013 a Chilean court ruled that Barrick of Canada, the world’s largest gold-mining firm, could not go ahead with its Pascua Lama mine until it could guarantee not to pollute downstream water or damage nearby glaciers. The company eventually […]

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