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Severe Drought Hits South America

Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, an article on the impact of water scarcity in South America: Most years, when rains are normal, four Olympic swimming pools worth of water passes each second through the mammoth Itaipú Dam, churning out electricity for both Paraguay and Brazil and allowing ships and barges to export grains as […]

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Tehran Suffering Worst Drought In 50 Years

Via Terra Daily, a report on Iran’s drought: Iran’s capital is suffering its worst drought in half a century, a water resources official said Tuesday, citing a 97 percent drop in monthly rainfall compared with last year. Tehran has had 0.4 millimetres of rain since September 23, compared with 14.3 mm over the same period […]

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Thai Water Project Clears Major Hurdle After China Shows Interest

Via Voice of America, an article on Thailand’s recent decision to move ahead on a controversial water diversion project: Thailand is moving forward on a controversial and long-pondered water diversion project after the plan drew interest from a major Chinese firm, a move that could give Beijing a new outpost for its sweeping Belt and […]

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Iraq Blames Iran For Drastic Decline In River Flow

Via Terra Daily, a report on Iraq / Iran tensions over river flows: Iraqi officials warned Tuesday of a drastic drop in the flow of water in a river from Iran due to low rainfall and dam-building in the neighbouring Islamic republic. The Sirwan river begins in Iran, flowing to Darbandikhan Dam in northeastern Iraq […]

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California’s Uneven Drought

Via The Washington Post, an article on the vastly different ways that small towns between San Francisco and the Oregon border are managing their water supplies, highlighting how uneven California’s brutal drought has been across the state: This town took a big step toward making fresh water along the rocky, wild North Coast of California. As its […]

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US Reports Warn Climate Change Threatens Global Security

Via The Washington Post, an article on a deepening concern within the U.S. security establishment that the shifts unleashed by climate change can reshape U.S. strategic interests: As the United States and nations around the world struggle to blunt the effects of rising temperatures and extreme weather, sweeping assessments released Thursday by the White House, U.S. […]

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