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Iraq’s Water Crisis Impact Agriculture

Via Reuters, a report on Iraq’s water crisis: Faced with a failing date palm business due to scarce resources, Iraqi farmer Ismail Ibrahim has planted “sidr”, or jujube, trees which require far less water during an irrigation crisis. Iraq is part of the “Fertile Crescent”, arable land sweeping from the Mediterranean to the Gulf which […]

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Could Taliban Canal Spark Water War In Central Asia?

Via Radio Free Europe, a short video look at whether a new Afghan canal could spark a water war in Central Asia: The Taliban-led government is pushing forward with the ambitious Qosh Tepa canal project despite concerns over its impact. The waterway taps the Amu Darya River, a key water source that runs through Afghanistan […]

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Amazon: A River In Flux

Via Inside Climate News, a report on the Amazon River, where extreme flooding and droughts may be the new norm, challenging its people and ecosystems: Jochen Schöngart darts back and forth along an escarpment just above the Amazon River, a short water taxi ride from downtown Manaus, Brazil. It’s still early this October morning in […]

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The Parched Tiger: India’s Silicon Valley Faces a Water Crisis That Software Cannot Solve

Courtesy of the New York Times, a report on Bengaluru – a city that gets plenty of rain – but did not properly adapt as its soaring population strained traditional water sources: The water tankers seeking to fill their bellies bounced past the dry lakes of India’s booming technology capital. Their bleary-eyed drivers waited in line […]

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Geopolitics of Hydrography: Ruling the Waves Means First Understanding What Lies Beneath

Via the Lowy Institute, a report on the growing competition among India, China and others to chart international waters as well as the exclusive economic zones of countries around the region: Hydrography, the mapping of bodies of water and surrounding coastal details, is the new front in the battle for influence in the Indian Ocean. […]

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Tackling Trade-Related Water Risks

Courtesy of Chatham House, a look at how importing countries can address water stress from global commodity production: A combination of climate change impacts and the production of water-intensive commodities, such as food, textiles and minerals, is exacerbating global water insecurity. Around 50 per cent of the water used to produce these goods comes from […]

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