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The Thirsty Dragon: Vast River Diversion Plan Afoot In Western China

Via China Water Risk, a report that Chinese?Premier Li has called for options to be examined for the ambitious western section of the South-to-North Water Diversion project, yet there are reasons why the idea has been dormant for so long: China?s premier, Li Keqiang, has?called?for options to be examined for the hugely ambitious western section […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Climate Change and Economic Growth Drive Water Scarcity On Tibetan Plateau

Via the Woodrow Wilson Centre’s New Security Beat, an interesting look at the impact of climate change and cconomic growth on water scarcity on the Tibetan Plateau: I pulled my horse to a stop along the banks of a little stream, which was wedged between two grassy hills speckled with wildflowers and?pika?holes, to admire the […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Source of Mekong, Yellow and Yangtze Rivers Drying Up

Via China Dialogue, a look at how the source of Mekong, Yellow and Yangtze rivers is drying up: A seasonal dry-out in Sanjiangyuan region, the location of the headwaters of the Yellow River, the Yangtze, and the Lancang. In 2015, the Chinese government announced plans to set up a new nature reserve in the?Sanjiangyuan?(?three river […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: A History Of China’s Water Crisis – The Yellow River

Via The Third Pole, an interesting historical look at China’s water problems: During the hot, dry month of August 1992 the farmers of Baishan village in Hebei province and Panyang village in Henan came to blows.? Residents from each village hurled insults and explosives at the other across the Zhang River ? the river that […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: China Reduces Wheat Irrigation As Farming Depletes Groundwater

As reported by Bloomberg, China is adopting measures that place water security over grain production for the first time: China is reducing crop irrigation in regions with water shortages as the world?s biggest grain consumer seeks to ease pressure on declining aquifers. Hebei province, the nation?s third-biggest wheat grower, will cut wheat irrigation by 760,000 […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: China Plans Tibetan Conservation Zone To Protect Source Of Great rivers

Via the Shanghai Daily, a report that China is planning to set up an ecological conservation zone on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, where the country’s major rivers originate.  As the article notes: “…The planned national conservation zone covers a 395,000 square kilometer region known as Sanjiangyuan, which is the source of China’s three major rivers – […]

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