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Water Grabbers: A Global Rush On Freshwater In Mali

Via National Geographic, a look at the impact of foreign agriculture on Mail’s water supply: The Niger River, shown at Bartaga village, waters a vast inland delta, but officials have plans to divert much of the flows. Mayor Daouda Sanankoua had traveled overnight by boat to see me, through flooded forests and submerged banks of […]

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The Global Water Crisis

Via Business Insider, a graphical look at the world’s water crisis: You don’t hear much about the water crisis in the United States. Water is still cheap here and our borders contain a relatively large freshwater supply. But in some places the crisis is in flames. 1.6 billion people live in regions with absolute water […]

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Will Climate Change Cause Water Conflict?

Via Terra Daily, an article on a recent conference that examined water, conflict, and scarcity: International researchers from 14 institutions met in Nicosia (Cyprus) on the 10th and 11th of December to present and debate the results of studies on water, conflict and security conducted in the past three years in a variety of locations […]

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2030: Water And Food Shortages?

Via The Guardian, commentary on a recent US intelligence portrait of the world in 2030 which predicts that China will be the largest economic power, climate change will create instability by contributing to water and food shortages, and there will be a “tectonic shift” with the rise of a global middle class: “…The National Intelligence […]

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Singapore A Global Hydrohub: From Water Insecurity To Niche Water Diplomacy

Via Eurasia Review, an interesting look at how Singapore’s water-related diplomatic efforts have evolved from bilateral agreements with Malaysia in the early years to international pacts offering water-related expertise to water-stressed countries: THROUGH STRATEGIC planning and investment in research and technology, as well as strong political will and effective governance, Singapore has emerged from water […]

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‘Peak Water’ Debate Focuses on Asia’s Water Shortage

Via Green Copywriter, an interesting look at Asia’s water shortage: The concept of peak water as an overarching term for increased shortage of water supply in Asia remains contentious but it has focused attention on the growing water crisis facing many countries due, in part, to over-extraction of the precious resource. Climate change, burgeoning population […]

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