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Ivory Coast City Struggles With Crippling Drought

Via Terra Daily, a report on severe water stress in the Ivory Coast: “All that comes out of the tap right now is cockroaches,” said Honorine Babalou, a 20-year-old textile worker. In Bouake, Ivory Coast’s second city, the regular water supply trickled to a halt three months ago — a shortage that officials blame on […]

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Ivory Coast Feels The Thirst

Via Terra Daily, an article on Bouake’s water crisis: Earlier this year, Cape Town grabbed the world’s headlines as it careened towards a water armageddon. Crippled by a three-year-long drought, the South African city braced for a complete shutdown of domestic water supplies. In the event, Cape Town dodged the immediate bullet. But thousands of […]

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Successful Cooperation in the Niger Basin

As reported by AFP, not all water politics are tales of animosity or conflict – there are some examples of successful cooperation. West African heads of state recently adopted a 5.5 billion-euro (8.6-billion-dollar), 20-year rescue plan to save the Niger River from extinction and guarantee the future of 110 million people. As the article noted: […]

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