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Central Texas Water Wars

Via The Burnt Orange Report, an article on the evolving political water wars in central Texas.  As the report notes: “…We’ve been expecting it for a long time, and now a Great Water War has come to Central Texas. The Lower Colorado River Authority has abandoned its water agreement with San Antonio, scrapped millions in […]

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Water: A Key Element Of Mideast Peace

Via Terra Daily, a reminder that water is a key element of Mideast peace.  As the article notes: “…Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Israel must address the vital issue of water in the West Bank if meaningful peace talks are to take place.Israel’s leaders said nothing, but Abbas had touched on one of the most […]

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Unquiet Flows The Nile…

Via All, a report on the latest discussions among & continuing differences between the nine countries over sharing of the Nile waters.  As the article notes: Egypt refused to sign a long-negotiated water-sharing agreement at the talks held in late May. Egyptian experts say the proposed treaty failed to guarantee a fair share of […]

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Vietnam: Dam(n)ing China Over Its Mekong Initiatives

Via Yale’s Environment 360 journal, a detailed look at the impact that a series of Chinese dams on the 2,800 mile Mekong River will have upon tens of millions of Southeast Asians.  As the article notes: “…Vietnam is now a fast-growing, Westernizing economy. But, paradoxically, peace and prosperity is currently the biggest threat to what […]

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