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China Builds Reach By Backing Middle East Water Projects

Via Al Monitor, a look at how – in its latest financial deal – China has agreed to provide a new credit facility to expand Saudi Arabia’s water generation and power portfolio: China is looking to take on a bigger role in bringing water-related solutions to the Middle East. Among its latest deals is a three-year […]

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Water-Starved Saudi Confronts Desalination’s Heavy Toll

Via Al Monitor, a look at how water-starved Saudi Arabia is confronting desalination’s heavy toll: Solar panels soak up blinding noontime rays that help power a water desalination facility in eastern Saudi Arabia, a step towards making the notoriously emissions-heavy process less environmentally taxing. The Jazlah plant in Jubail city applies the latest technological advances […]

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Saudi Arabia Establishes Global Water Organization

Via Gulf Business, news of Saudi Arabia’s establishment of a new global organisation focused on water conservation: Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced the establishment of the Global Water Organisation on Monday, as per the Saudi Press Agency (SPA). The newly created Global Water Organisation, headquartered in Riyadh, will aim to play a pivotal […]

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Saudi Arabia’s Massive Water Network Project

Saudi Arabia is building a 12,000km water transportation and distribution network that’s longer than the Nile River.   This massive, desalinated water network will carry 9.4 million cubic meters of water per day, and is like laying a pipe from New York to Beijing:

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How a Saudi firm Tapped a Gusher of Water in Drought-Stricken Arizona

Courtesy of The Washington Post, an article on how lax rules allowed a foreign-owned company to pump water from state land to grow alfalfa for the kingdom’s cattle: A megadrought has seared Arizona, stressing its rivers and reservoirs and reducing water to a trickle in the homes of farmworkers near this desert valley. But green […]

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The Unique Promise of Environmental Cooperation in the Gulf

Courtesy of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a look at the the unique promise of environmental cooperation in the Gulf over issues such as water: The Issue Environmental dialogue in the Gulf holds unique promise to test the potential for greater regional cooperation amidst widespread distrust.* Environmental issues have not been as politicized […]

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