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Water Level of Caspian Sea Falling at Accelerating Rate

Via Window on Eurasia, an article on the Caspian Sea: The water level of the Caspian Sea is falling at an accelerating rate, raising the specter not that that inland sea is going to go the way of the Aral anytime soon but rather that lower water levels will complicate the lives of littoral states […]

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Shrinking Caspian Sea Worries Secretive Turkmenistan

Via Terra Daily, an article on the shrinking Caspian Sea: On the Caspian Sea coast in Turkmenistan — one of the world’s most secretive states — Batyr Yusupov can no longer ferry his passengers between two ports. There is not enough water. “I used to go between Turkmenbashi and Hazar,” the 36-year-old ferry worker said […]

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Iran Warns of Caspian Sea’s Shrinking Coastline

Via Tasnim News, a report on climate change’s impact on the Caspian Sea: Iran’s mission to the UN office in Geneva warned that the Caspian Sea’s water levels have been dropping according to satellite images provided by the Iranian Space Agency. In a post on X, the Permanent Mission of Iran to the United Nations […]

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Utah’s ‘Water OPEC’: Why The 2nd Driest State Rejects Conservation

Via ProPublica, a report on why a powerful group that steers Utah’s water policy keeps pushing for costly infrastructure over meaningful conservation efforts: With rising temperatures and two decades of drought depleting the Colorado River, some Southwestern states are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to pay homeowners to tear out their lawns and farmers […]

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Caspian Faces “Catastrophic Drop in Water Levels” This Century

Via EurasiaNet, a report on the plight of the Caspian that may make the Aral Sea merely a forewarning of what is ahead: As the globe warms and sea levels rise, the lands abutting the Caspian Sea are facing the opposite problem. Forecasters expect a sharp drop in precipitation in Central Asia and increased evaporation […]

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Iran Launches $1.5 Billion Project To Bring Water From Caspian Sea To Country’s Central Desert

Via The Washington Post, an article on a new Iranian plan to address its drinking and irrigation water shortage.  As the report notes: Iran has launched a $1.5 billion project to bring water for drinking and irrigation from the Caspian Sea to its central desert. Monday’s report on state TV did not say how long […]

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