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Water Level of Caspian Sea Falling at Accelerating Rate

Via Window on Eurasia, an article on the Caspian Sea: The water level of the Caspian Sea is falling at an accelerating rate, raising the specter not that that inland sea is going to go the way of the Aral anytime soon but rather that lower water levels will complicate the lives of littoral states […]

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Mongolia’s Beijing-Financed Hydro-Electric Dams Threaten Lake Baikal, Russia Says

Via Window on Eurasia, a report on Russia’s displeasure with Mongolia’s Beijing-financed hydro-electric dams that they claim threaten Lake Baikal: Mongolia’s decision to build hydro-electric dams to solve its domestic electricity shortage, a decision that Beijing has backed by financing the project, threatens transborder rivers flowing from Mongolia into Russia and even the survival of […]

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Is Balkhash Facing Fate of Aral Sea?

Via Central Asian Bureau for Analytical Reporting, a report on Lake Balkhash’s complex hydro future: Now Balkhash is a natural site. If a nuclear power plant is built on the lake, it will turn into an industrial pond. It will let China limit the Ili river flow feeding the lake, and the new load on […]

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Iran Warns of Caspian Sea’s Shrinking Coastline

Via Tasnim News, a report on climate change’s impact on the Caspian Sea: Iran’s mission to the UN office in Geneva warned that the Caspian Sea’s water levels have been dropping according to satellite images provided by the Iranian Space Agency. In a post on X, the Permanent Mission of Iran to the United Nations […]

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Water and Conflict: Updates from the Russia-Ukraine War

We are living in a time of water and kinetic conflict in the Ukraine and I would like to highlight this interesting discussion ahead: Russia’s war in Ukraine has devastated the country’s water and sanitation infrastructure. Civilian water supply and treatment have been exposed to collateral damage, wielded as weapons through targeted attacks, and strained […]

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Russia Accused Of Sabotaging Ukraine Water Pipe To Mykolaiv

Courtesy of BBC, an article on accusations that Russia intentionally sabotaged water supply infrastructure in Ukraine: For six months, homes in Ukraine’s southern coastal city of Mykolaiv have been without clean drinking water. Military and UN experts have told a BBC investigation they believe Russian forces deliberately cut off the water supply last April. Satellite […]

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