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Crimea ‘Water War’ Opens New Front in Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Courtesy of The Financial Times, a report on how Moscow’s struggle to supply water to a Crimean peninsula annexed in 2014 has become latest flashpoint: When a cyclone drenched Crimea in rainfall last month, rivers burst their banks and thousands of people in the Russia-annexed peninsula had to be evacuated from the floods. The silver lining […]

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Iran Facing ‘Water Bankruptcy’

Via Thomson Reuters Foundation, a look at how poor rainfall in Iran this year highlights challenges in providing enough water and energy, adapting to a hotter climate and preventing mass migration: * Drought leaves many Iranians without water, power * Climate change and poor policies behind shortages * Lack of action could drive migration from […]

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The Politics Of The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Via The Eurasia Review, a look at the politics of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: On 5 July 2021, Ethiopia informed Egypt and Sudan that the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) on the Blue Nile in Ethiopia is undergoing its second filling. Cairo once again took the matter to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). The […]

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What Is Causing Lake Balkhash To Shrink?

Via the Central Asian Bureau for Analytical Reporting, an article on Lake Balkhash in Kazakhstan: Balkhash, the largest lake in Kazakhstan (14th in the world), could dry up and repeat the fate of the Aral Sea due to China’s intensive water withdrawal, unsustainable agriculture and the effects of climate change. How does Kazakhstan solve the problem […]

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New Residents Flood into the Most Drought-Stricken Counties in U.S.

Courtesy of The Economic Innovation Group, a report on the trend for relocation into the most water scarce regions in the U.S., further exacerbating issues related to drought: The South and Mountain West dominated U.S. population growth over the past decade, yet many of those regions’ fast-growing counties are among the most drought-prone places in the country. […]

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How the US West’s ‘Megadrought’ Could Cause More ‘Water Wars’

Via CNBC, a video looking at the potential for water scarcity to incite “wars” between different users such as agriculture, industry, tourism, and families: Brad Howard, CNBC producer: Water is a crucial resource that all humans need. Emma Newburger, CNBC Business News: And right now what we’re seeing is there’s just not enough water to go around. […]

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