The Rebirth of “Decentralized Water”
Via Asia Global Online, commentary on how Asia can slow and reverse rising water scarcity back into abundance by adapting [...]
Deep Drought Punishes Latin American Clean Water Pioneer
Via Bloomberg, a look at how extreme weather has caught Uruguay – a standout for its history of investing in [...]
When Water Security Runs Dry
Courtesy of The Financial Times, a look at what happens when water security runs dry: In March, the UN held [...]
Not Just In Ukraine: How Armies Turn Water Into A Weapon Of War
Via 19FortyFive, a look at how the breach of the Kakhovka dam in Ukraine is hardly the first time that [...]
The Thirsty Dragon: Across Asia, China Has ‘Most to Lose’ If Rivers Run Dry
Via EcoBusiness, a look at how  – across Asia – China has the ‘most to lose’ if mother rivers run [...]
Arizona’s Water Troubles Show How Climate Change Is Reshaping The West
Courtesy The Washington Post, a look at how Arizona’s water troubles show how climate change is reshaping the West: Jay [...]

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