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The Thirsty Dragon: China’s Struggle For Water Security

Via Terra Daily, a look at China’s struggle for water security: Way back in 1999, before he became China’s prime minister, Wen Jiabao warned that water scarcity posed one of the greatest threats to the “survival of the nation”. Sixteen years later, that threat looms ever larger, casting a forbidding shadow over China’s energy and […]

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Beyond The Politics Of The Nile

Via the Eurasia Review, a look at the politics surrounding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: On March 23, 2015, Egypt, Ethiopia and the Sudan signed a declaration of principles on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam[1] (GERD). Since then, an intense debate has been going on regarding the modalities and core principles which were spelled out […]

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Snow-Capped Mountains And Rushing Rivers, But No Water To Drink In Nepal’s Capital

Via Global Voices, a sobering look at water access in Nepal: People lining up for water an hour before it is scheduled to flow, in Kathmandu, Nepal on July 10 2014. Despite having among the highest water availability per capita in the world and holding about 2.7 percent of the world’s total fresh water reserves, Nepal suffers […]

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Turkmenistan Grapples with Water Crisis

Via Silk Road Reporters, another article on Turkmenistan’s water crisis: California’s recent restrictions on water usage have garnered massive headlines, but California is hardly the only “water stressed” state. In Central Asia, Turkmenistan is about to introduce water restrictions, a first for the post-Soviet desert nation. The problem is not limited to Turkmenistan, but extends across […]

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Water Security In An Urbanising Pakistan

Via Future Directions International, another look at Pakistan’s water crisis: Key Points Pakistan faces an acute water crisis which requires immediate action. Urbanisation will exacerbate water insecurity and present Pakistan with significant economic, social and political challenges. Water insecurity and climate change are contributing to the rapid increase in rural-urban migration. To ensure greater social […]

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Karachi In Crisis: Water Shortages Spark Protests In Pakistan’s Largest City

Via Future Directions, a report on how continuing water shortages in Karachi have sparked protests and demands that the provincial government do more to address the city’s growing crisis: Water scarcity is an ongoing challenge in the city of Karachi. Home to approximately 22 million people and rapidly expanding, the city’s neglected infrastructure cannot meet […]

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