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Arid Disputes: Global Water Tensions On The Boil?

Courtesy of The Economist, an interesting look at global water tensions and the possibility of water-related conflict.  As the article notes: “…SINCE men fight over land and oil and plenty of other things, it would be odd if they did not also fight over a commodity as precious and scarce as water. And they do. […]

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Water Tension Increases Between India and Pakistan

Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, a report that Pakistan told India it wants to begin formal arbitration proceedings over an Indian dam project in Kashmir, threatening to heighten tensions ahead of high-level bilateral talks.  As the article notes: “…Pakistan says India’s planned hydropower dam on the Kishanganga River would violate a 50-year-old water-sharing treaty […]

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A Nile Basin Cooperative Framework …Sans Egypt

Via Terra Daily, a report that while four of the seven upstream Nile Basin Initiative countries decided to sign a new water-sharing agreement, Egypt – which takes the lion’s share of water from the Nile River – is refusing to give up a drop to upstream African states, escalating a long-running dispute over the river. […]

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A Partial Nile Sharing Pact?

As we discussed in an earlier post and as this Terra Daily article notes, the Nile nations remain split on proposed water-sharing pact: “…Seven African nations are expected to push through a new and more equitable deal this week on sharing the waters of the Nile despite strong opposition from Egypt and Sudan. “What we […]

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Africa: The “Underdammed” Continent

Courtesy of The Economist, a report on dam building initiatives in Africa, rife with controversy, hostility, and some optimism: “…AFRICA is the “underdammed” continent. It is the least irrigated and electrified, yet it uses only 3% of its renewable water, against 52% in South Asia. So there is plenty of scope for an African dam-building […]

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A Political Storm Hovers Over Calm Nile Water

With 300 million people dependent on the water of the Nile, it is not surprising that a deal on its usage by several countries is difficult to ratify.  As Uganda’s Monitor reports the tenuous and contentious state of discussions have not yet subsided: “…It’s been a decade of negotiations-sometimes exemplified by mistrust, intrigue and walkouts. […]

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