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Russia Accused Of Sabotaging Ukraine Water Pipe To Mykolaiv

Courtesy of BBC, an article on accusations that Russia intentionally sabotaged water supply infrastructure in Ukraine: For six months, homes in Ukraine’s southern coastal city of Mykolaiv have been without clean drinking water. Military and UN experts have told a BBC investigation they believe Russian forces deliberately cut off the water supply last April. Satellite […]

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For Water-Stressed Iraq, Wells Threaten Race To The Bottom

Via Terra Daily, an article on how Iraq’s water scarcity is causing many to drill more wells, exacerbating the already fragile groundwater crisis: Iraq has long drilled the desert for oil, but now climate stress, drought and reduced river flows are forcing it to dig ever deeper for a more precious resource: water. The war-scarred […]

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Millions At Risk Of Climate Displacement In Middle East

Via Seed Daily, a report on how millions are at risk of climate displacement in Middle East: Little rainfall, aggressive heatwaves and worsening drought make the Middle East the most water-stressed region in the world, with climate change threatening to displace millions of people. Hussein Abu Saddam, head of the farmers’ syndicate in Egypt which […]

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Tigris: Iraq’s Mighty River Drying Up

Via Al Monitor, an article on the Tigris: It was the river that is said to have watered the biblical Garden of Eden and helped give birth to civilisation itself. But today the Tigris is dying. Human activity and climate change have choked its once mighty flow through Iraq, where — with its twin river […]

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Amid Historic Drought, California Approves $140M Desalination Plant

Via Reuters, a report on a new desalination plant which is part of California’s effort to battle drought: California regulators unanimously approved a $140 million desalination plant on Thursday, offering a guideline for how the state can convert ocean water into drinking water amid the worst drought in 1,200 years. Just five months ago, the […]

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Tanzania Starts Rationing Water Due To Drought

Via Terra Daily, a report that┬áTanzania has started rationing water due to drought: Tanzanian authorities on Thursday began rationing water in the commercial capital Dar es Salaam following a drought-induced drop in water levels from its main source, the Ruvu river. The 5.5 million inhabitants of the Indian Ocean city will go without piped water […]

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