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Morocco Faces Sixth Consecutive Year of Drought

Via Terra Daily, a report on Morocco’s ongoing drought: Morocco is heading towards its sixth consecutive year of drought as rising temperatures lead to decline in rainfall, the North African country’s water minister said on Thursday. “We have entered a critical phase after five years in a row of drought, which our country has never […]

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Moroccan Farms and Aquifer Saved By Water Metering

Via Green Prophet, a report on how water metering is saving Moroccan farms and aquifers by stopping water theft: The Berrechid plain has historically been known as Morocco’s granary for its vast production of cereals and fodder and more recently, it has been an important legume production hub. But farming in Morocco has become difficult over […]

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Persistent Drought Strains Morocco’s Economic Prospects

Courtesy of The Financial Times, a report on the impact of drought on Morocco’s economy: On his land in a mountainous area in the region of Chefchaouen, in northern Morocco, Khaled Kouskou, a business consultant turned farmer, complains that his efforts to cultivate 10 hectares owned by his family are being thwarted by poor rains. […]

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Squeezing Communities Dry: Water Grabbing By The Global Food Industry

Via GRAIN, a look at how pension fund managers, private equity firms and other financial players are moving aggressively to snatch up lands around the world with access to water for irrigation. Their strategy is to pump as much water as they can and as fast as they can into the production of crops, like […]

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Drought Puts Morocco’s Water Infrastructure Projects Into Overdrive

Via Al Monitor, a report on Morocco’s rising budget for water infrastructure as desalination and dam projects advance amid droughts and increasing international partnerships: Repeated droughts and dwindling water resources have pushed Moroccan authorities into emergency mode. As the country grapples with its worst drought in 40 years, the building of critical water infrastructure has emerged […]

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Drought-Hit North Africa Turns to Purified Sea and Wastewater

Via Terra Daily, a look at how drought-hit North Africa has turned to purified sea and wastewater: From Tunisia to Morocco, sun-baked North Africa has embarked on a building spree of plants that purify sea and wastewater as climate change intensifies droughts in the water-scarce region.Across the Maghreb region, which takes in parts of the […]

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