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Iraq’s Water Crisis Impact Agriculture

Via Reuters, a report on Iraq’s water crisis: Faced with a failing date palm business due to scarce resources, Iraqi farmer Ismail Ibrahim has planted “sidr”, or jujube, trees which require far less water during an irrigation crisis. Iraq is part of the “Fertile Crescent”, arable land sweeping from the Mediterranean to the Gulf which […]

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Sprinklers and Drip Irrigation Help Iraqis Beat Drought

Via Terra Daily, an article on Iraq’s drought: After four years of drought, Iraqi farmer Mohammed Sami was about to abandon his father’s parched land, but then a water-saving irrigation system revived his crops and his hopes. He is among hundreds of farmers in the country battered by heatwaves, scarce rain and depleted rivers to […]

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Rampant Water Pollution Threatens Iraq’s Shrinking Rivers

Via Terra Daily, a report on how ampant water pollution is threatening Iraq’s shrinking rivers: Stricken by drought and depleted by upstream dams, Iraq’s once mighty rivers the Tigris and Euphrates are suffocating under pollutants from sewage to medical waste. In a country where half the population lacks access to safe drinking water, according to […]

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Price of Oil: Iraq’s Drought Exacerbated by Oil Industry’s Thirst for Water

Via OneWater, a sobering photographic look at how Iraq’s drought has been exacerbated by its oil industry’s thirst for water: Nahr Bin Umar, Iraq. A group of fishermen from Qarmat Ali collect the nets early in the mornings on the Shatt al-Arab river. They fish in this area every day and sell the fish for […]

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Scientists Blame Climate Change for ‘Extreme Drought’ in Iraq, Iran and Syria

Via Terra Daily, a report on ‘extreme drought’ in Iraq, Iran and Syria; The “extreme” drought gripping Iraq, Syria and Iran would not have occurred without climate change caused primarily by burning fossil fuels, scientists said Wednesday, warning that punishing dry spells will become more intense as the world warms.High temperatures due to human-caused climate […]

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Tigris–Euphrates Basin States Must Come Together To Address Water Crisis

Via ASPI’s The Strategist, a look at the need for Tigris–Euphrates basin states to come together to address the water crisis: In a dramatic display of collective frustration, the streets of Baghdad recently became a theatre of dissent as around 300 Iraqis took to Nisour Square to protest acute water shortages. The demonstrations were held on 18 […]

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