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Climate Change Could Add to Middle East Water Scarcity

Via The National News, a report on how climate change could add to Middle East water scarcity: Fragile water supplies in the Middle East are under further threat from climate change, officials from the region said on Tuesday. Talks in Sweden heard that access to clean water in the region was a “pressing challenge of our times”. Rising temperatures […]

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‘No More Water’: Iraq Drought Claims Lakeside Resort

Via Al Monitor, a report on Iraq’s drought: Iraqi merchant Mohamed has never seen such a grim tourist season: years of drought have shrunken the majestic Lake Habbaniyah, keeping away the holidaymakers who once flocked there during summer. “The last two years, there was some activity, but now there’s no more water,” said 35-year-old Mohamed, […]

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Water-Stressed Iraq Dries up Fish Farms

Via Al Monitor, a report on Iraq’s continued drought crisis: Iraqi villager Omar Ziad gazes at the cracked and barren earth where his fish farm once stood, lost to water conservation efforts during a devastating four-year drought. As the alarming water crisis blamed mostly on climate change drags on, officials see the need for trade-offs […]

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Water and Climate Change Will Shape Iraq-Turkey Relations

Via Foreign Policy Research Institute, a look at how water and climate change will shape Iraq-Turkey relations: BOTTOM LINE Water and climate change will be at the center of Iraq-Turkish relations for years to come. There is a mismatch of priorities on the Turkish and Iraqi sides, with security constituting the most urgent element for […]

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The End of the Mesopotamian Basin: Can the Tigris and Euphrates be Saved?

Via Dial, a look at the crisis facing the Mesopotamian basin: When spring hits its full stride in Iraq’s Kurdistan Region, hillsides turn from brown to green almost overnight. Seasonal streams course with water, creating a network of tributaries that flow into the historic Tigris and Euphrates rivers. On a Friday in March, Nabil Musa […]

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Sun-baked Iraqis Protest Water Shortages

Via Al Monitor, an article on Iraq’s water crisis: Despite punishingly high temperatures, dozens of Iraqis took to the streets of Baghdad on Tuesday to protest water and electricity shortages, and to blame Turkey for reduced flow of rivers. Designated by the United Nations as one of the five countries in the world most touched […]

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