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A View of The United States’ Water-Stressed Future

Via, a look at a cross-state aquifer spat in the U.S., a view of a water-stressed future: Just ahead of the Great Recession, in 2005, Carolyn Chism Hardy got the news that the Coors brewery where she worked would close for good the next year. Following a merger with Molson, her higher-ups told her, the Memphis, Tennessee, […]

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Ending Conflicts Over Water

Via The Pacific Institute, a report on water conflicts: Growing Tensions Over Freshwater In recent years, a wide range of water-related factors have contributed to political instability, human dislocation and migration, agricultural and food insecurity, and in more and more cases, actual conflict and violence. Demand for water has grown as populations and economies expand, while […]

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As Tensions Rise in the Southern Caucasus, Water Shortages Continue

Via Circle of Blue, a report on water tensions in the Southern Caucasus: Tensions are rising again between Armenia and Azerbaijan after an escalation at the border killed at least 16 service members in July. The decades-long conflict has left water supply networks in disrepair and exacerbated water shortages for civilians in both countries. The […]

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Israel / Jordan Water Cooperation

Via Foreign Policy, commentary on how – despite deteriorating relations in recent years – Israel and Jordan should return to a history of cooperation on water resources: The recently announced peace deals between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain stop short of repairing the political damage inflicted on the region and keep the […]

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US Launches Mekong Partnership as Chinese Debt Trap Closes on Laos

Via Future Directions International, a report on a different type of water politics, one which pertains to geopolitical spread of influence: The United States announced a new Mekong-US Partnership at a virtual summit hosted by Vietnam on 11 September. An initial US$153 million ($210 million) will be made available to Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos to […]

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Water Warning As Climate Risks Intensify

Via TerraDaily, a report on global water risks: Record temperatures are accelerating the rise of sea levels, melting glaciers and snow coverage and threatening the water supplies for billions, according to a major UN report Wednesday charting the “increasing and irreversible” impacts of climate change. The multi-agency United in Science report said the world had […]

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