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India and Pakistan Can Future-Proof Their Threatened Rivers

Via OneWater, a look at how India and Pakistan can future-proof their threatened rivers: > India has signalled its intention to re-negotiate the Indus Water Treaty > Climate change has profoundly impacted the rivers governed by the Treaty > To future-proof their rivers, leaders in India and Pakistan will need to shape a different approach […]

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Arizona Tribes Were Left Out of Water Decisions Until 1908. Here’s How They Negotiate Today

Via KJZZ, a report on how Arizona tribes, which were left out of water decisions until 1908, negotiate today: Arizona is home to 22 federally recognized tribes. Each is trying to tap into the state’s ever-shrinking supplies of surface and groundwater, and, most of all, the Colorado River, following decades of exclusion. Why do tribes […]

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The Gen Z Water Dealmaker

Via LAist, a podcast on people with the most power on the Colorado River. [music in] Hey, this is Antonia Cereijido.[CM1] You’re listening to Imperfect Paradise from LAist Studios, the show about hidden worlds and messy realities. My colleague, a correspondent on the show, Emily Guerin , used to be a beat reporter covering the […]

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Colorado River Tribes Can Lease Their Water To Dry States, but Why Is It So Hard?

Via Grist, a look at how the Colorado River Indian Tribes can now lease water to non-Indigenous users along the drought-stricken river, but most nations can’t do the same: The Colorado River Indian Tribes now have the ability to lease their water rights off-reservation, a move that could ease pressures on communities facing the effects […]

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In a Dammed and Diked Mekong, a Push to Restore the Flow

Via Yale e360, a look at the Mekong which – facing increasing land subsidence, saltwater intrusion, and flooding linked with development – has Vietnam committed to changing its approach to managing the Mekong Delta. New initiatives call for retrofitting dikes and dams to restore flood regimes, using nature as a guide. We depart from Can […]

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What Will It Take For Bangladesh and India To Sign Transboundary River Agreements

Via Global Dialogue, a look at the need for Bangladesh and India to talk about sharing water on two major rivers, the Teesta and Ganges. But experts on both sides say much depends on political consensus and the right atmosphere for negotiations Bangladesh’s ruling party, the Awami League, started its fourth consecutive term in government this year […]

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