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Colorado River Growers Say They’re Ready To Save Water

Via NPR’s KUNC, a report that Colorado River growers say they’re ready to save water, but need to build trust with states and feds: The Colorado River is in trouble, and farmers and ranchers are on the front lines of the crisis. A new report surveyed more than 1,020 irrigators across six of the seven states that […]

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Can India and Pakistan’s Historic Water Pact Endure?

Via F0reign Policy, an article on the Indus Waters Treaty – which was created to avoid conflict – but, to confront the climate crisis, it must evolve: Since 1960, a treaty brokered by the World Bank has prevented a water war between pugnacious neighbors India and Pakistan—even as the two countries have gone to war […]

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Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan Resume Nile Dam Talks

Via Terra Daily, a report on resumed GERD negotiations: Ethiopia said Saturday it had begun a second round of talks with Egypt and Sudan over a controversial mega-dam built by Addis Ababa on the Nile, long a source of tensions among the three nations.Ethiopia this month announced the completion of the fourth and final filling […]

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Saltwater in the Mississippi Threatens Water Supply in New Orleans

Courtesy of The New York Times, a report on how wxtreme heat and low rainfall in the Midwest this summer caused the river level to plummet, making it vulnerable to a saltwater “wedge” from the Gulf of Mexico: Drought-like conditions in the Midwest over the summer have created a growing water problem in the New […]

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Water Shortages: A Problem We Can and Must Solve Now

Via Area Magazine, commentary on U.S. water scarcity: In 1964, US President Lyndon B. Johnson made a historic request: he wanted a large-scale, nuclear-powered desalination programme to address the growing need for potable water in the American Southwest. Members of the federal government were dispatched to Israel for conversations with the world’s leading experts on […]

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Las Vegas Asking Companies That Want To Move or Expand How Much Water They Will Use

Via Business Insider, a look at how Las Vegas is asking companies that want to move or expand there to show how much water they plan to use: Las Vegas is trying to balance economic growth and water conservation. The city is evaluating how much water a new businesses will use before green lighting them.  Conserving […]

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