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A Cowboy Entrepreneur Dreams of a Massive Water Pipeline Over the Rockies

Via Mother Jones, a report on a proposed project which could be “the largest privately funded water project in Western history”: Water is life. It’s also big business. In our November + December 2023 issue, Mother Jones dives into the West’s deepening water crisis—and the forces behind it, from historic drought to short-sighted policies to […]

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Why Is the Colorado River Running Dry?

Via Mother Jones, an article on the impact – not just of drought – but the impact of putting sacred cows above farmers, cities, and a secure future on the Colorado River: The Colorado River seen flowing south from Lake Powell through the Navajo NationRussel Albert Daniels Water is life. It’s also big business. In […]

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US Groundwater Is Being Shipped Overseas

Via Mother Jones, a commentary on how Western states are selling off their aquifers to China and Gulf States: Alfalfa hay is a water-intensive crop, and exporting it is equivalent to exporting precious groundwater.Jack Richardson Water is life. It’s also big business. In our November + December 2023 issue, Mother Jones dives into the West’s […]

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The Global Race for Water in the Arizona Desert

Via Mother Jones, a podcast on a surprising contributor to the water crisis in the American West: Bales of hay are stored under shelters at Al Dahra Farms in the McMullen Valley in Wenden, Arizona. John Locher/AP Fight disinformation: Sign up for the free Mother Jones Daily newsletter and follow the news that matters. Nine […]

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Arizona Tribes Were Left Out of Water Decisions Until 1908. Here’s How They Negotiate Today

Via KJZZ, a report on how Arizona tribes, which were left out of water decisions until 1908, negotiate today: Arizona is home to 22 federally recognized tribes. Each is trying to tap into the state’s ever-shrinking supplies of surface and groundwater, and, most of all, the Colorado River, following decades of exclusion. Why do tribes […]

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The Gen Z Water Dealmaker

Via LAist, a podcast on people with the most power on the Colorado River. [music in] Hey, this is Antonia Cereijido.[CM1] You’re listening to Imperfect Paradise from LAist Studios, the show about hidden worlds and messy realities. My colleague, a correspondent on the show, Emily Guerin , used to be a beat reporter covering the […]

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