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Squeezing Communities Dry: Water Grabbing By The Global Food Industry

Via GRAIN, a look at how pension fund managers, private equity firms and other financial players are moving aggressively to snatch up lands around the world with access to water for irrigation. Their strategy is to pump as much water as they can and as fast as they can into the production of crops, like […]

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Spain’s Drought

Via Smart Water Magazine, an article on Spain’s drought: Drought is a recurrent natural phenomenon in various regions of the world, and Spain is no exception. Throughout its history, this country has experienced cycles of water scarcity that have impacted multiple aspects of society, the economy and the environment. In Spain, drought cycles usually occur every […]

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Spain Taps New Sources of Drinking Water

Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, a look at how drought has forced Spain to revamp its infrastructure and scale up desalination: Fill a glass with tap water in Barcelona these days and one-fifth of it will be processed seawater. Another fifth will be treated wastewater derived from toilets, showers and other urban uses. This […]

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Thirsty Data Centers Are Making Hot Summers Even Scarier

Via Bloomberg, an article on how – with drought spreading around the globe – battles over water are erupting between AI companies seeking more computing power and communities where their facilities are located: For more than a year, Spain has been struggling with drought that has sent water levels in dams below historical averages, prompting […]

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Spain’s Drought-Hit Tourism Sector Seeks To Save Water

Via Terra Daily, an article on Spanish efforts to save water in its tourism sector: There are no longer showers on the beach in Lloret de Mar which, like many popular tourist resorts in drought-hit Spain, is seeking ways to conserve its increasingly sparse water supplies.With Spain at the forefront of the climate crisis in […]

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Facing a Future of Drought, Spain Turns to Medieval Solutions and ‘Ancient Wisdom’

Courtesy of the New York Times, a report on how Spain is excavating acequias, a network of water channels created by the Moors over 1,000 years ago, to adapt to the crises of climate change: High in Spain’s southern mountains, 40 or so people armed with pitchforks and spades cleared stones and piles of grass […]

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