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‘New Climate Reality’ Stretches Global Freshwater Supply

Courtesy of The Financial Times, a report on how the new world’s climate reality is stretching global freshwater supply: As Pere Aragonès, Catalonia’s regional president, declared a drought emergency across the Spanish region in February, he issued a stark warning: “We are entering a new climate reality.” With water reserves falling to below 16 per […]

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Brussels Warns of Water Conflict Danger in EU

Via Modern Diplomacy, a report on how water scarcity risks sparking conflict among European Union countries unprepared for a warming world: Water scarcity risks sparking conflict among European Union countries unprepared for a warming world, the bloc’s executive will warn next week, according to a leaked document obtained by POLITICO. The stark message is part […]

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Record Drought Hits the Mediterranean Region  

Via Smart Water Magazine, an article on the record drought hitting the Mediterranean region: Severe and prolonged drought events have affected Europe for more than two years and northern Africa for six years, causing water shortages and hampering vegetation growth. The Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) published its report Drought in the Mediterranean – January 2024 on the […]

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What Will Spain Look Like When It Runs Out Of Water? Barcelona Is Giving Us A Glimpse

Via The Guardian, commentary on what Spain may look like when it runs out of water? Walking through Barcelona these days, you can’t miss the signs and billboards picturing a red plastic bucket and the message “Water doesn’t fall from the sky” (l’aigua no cau del cel in Catalan). The ads are part of a campaign to get […]

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Spain’s Catalonia Is Spending $2.6 Billion to Survive Without Rain

Via Bloomberg, a report that Barcelona and surrounding areas are planning to end their dependency on rain water by 2030 as global warming forces the region to adapt to a dramatically different climate: Catalonia, home to Spain’s second-largest regional economy and popular tourist destination Barcelona, has a plan to live without rain by the end of this decade. […]

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Billions of People Reply On Rapidly Declining Groundwater

Via CNN, an article on a recent study showing that billions of people rely on a valuable underground resource that’s rapidly declining in certain areas: Many parts of the world are experiencing a rapid depletion in the subterranean reserves of water that billions of people rely on for drinking, irrigation and other uses, according to new research […]

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