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Cambodia Seeks UNESCO World Heritage Status to Protect Mekong’s Biodiversity From Chinese Dam

Via The Diplomat, an?article?on Cambodia’s efforts to protect Mekong biodiversity from the threat of a Chinese dam: A bold Cambodian plan to secure World Heritage status along their stretch?of the Mekong, where the free-flowing river has sustained some of the?world?s greatest biodiversity, could provide much-needed respite?to a river in danger of dying from dams and […]

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Controversial Mekong Dam In Laos Faces Economic and Regulatory Hurdles

Via The Third Pole, a report on the controversial Phou Ngoy dam in Laos: The fishing village of Khoen Khen in southern Laos is a quiet place, nestled along the banks of the Mekong River and hemmed by a ridge of mountains. But tranquil as it may now appear, locals say they?re waiting for a […]

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The Precarious State of The Mekong

Courtesy of The Diplomat, a look at the Mekong River: The author Tucker Elliot wrote?in ?The Rainy Season? about the volatile nature of the Mekong:? ?No matter the border, the Mekong has been an indiscriminate giver and taker of life in Southeast Asia for thousands of years. It?s a paradox like civilization?s other great rivers […]

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Will the Mekong River Really Become the Next South China Sea?

Via The Diplomat, a look – amid competition between China and the U.S. – at how the question of the river?s fate has been imbued with a strategic undercurrent: In recent years, the fate of Southeast Asia?s great river ? the Mekong ? has attracted growing international scrutiny. The Mekong faces many challenges, from the […]

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Are ?Water Wars? Coming to Asia?

Via The Diplomat, a look at how climate change-induced water loss in the Tibetan Plateau further challenges water security from Central to Southeast Asia: A recently published study by a team of scientists from the University of Texas in Austin, Penn State, and Tsinghua University in?Nature climate change journal?found that?terrestrial water storage (TWS)?in the Qinghai-Tibet […]

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Cambodian Mega Dam?s Resurrection: ‘The Beginning of The End’ for Mekong?

Via Mongabay, commentary on a Cambodian mega dam?s resurrection on the Mekong which some see as ?the beginning of the end?: A long-dormant plan to build a mega dam on the mainstream of the Mekong River in Cambodia?s northeastern Stung Treng province appears to have been revived this year, leaving locals immediately downstream of the […]

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