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Can India and Pakistan’s Historic Water Pact Endure?

Via F0reign Policy, an article on the Indus Waters Treaty – which was created to avoid conflict – but, to confront the climate crisis, it must evolve: Since 1960, a treaty brokered by the World Bank has prevented a water war between pugnacious neighbors India and Pakistan—even as the two countries have gone to war […]

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The Parched Tiger: Indus Intrusion – India’s Aggressive Maneuvers on Pakistan’s Waters

Via Modern Diplomacy, commentary on Indian/Pakistani tensions over water: Water, a precious resource has become the center of a fierce battle between India and Pakistan. At the heart of this conflict lies the mighty Indus River, a lifeline for Pakistan’s agricultural sector and source of livelihood for millions. In recent years, India’s actions have raised […]

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Melting Himalayan Glaciers Could Leave 2B People Facing Water Scarcity

Via The National News, an article on a recent study that found that Himalayan glaciers in the region disappeared 65 per cent faster in the decade from 2011 to 2020: Himalayan glaciers providing critical water to nearly two billion people are melting faster than ever before due to climate change, exposing communities to unpredictable and […]

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Water Politics In The Himalaya

Via, a look at water politics in the Himalaya: Rivers are a source of life and a crucial resource for both India and Pakistan. The two countries share six rivers, including the Indus River. While the 1960 Indus Water Treaty has been the foundation of water-sharing between the two nations, it has not prevented […]

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Troubled Waters: India, Pakistan, and the Indus Water Treaty 2.0

Via The Diplomat, an article on how – while it is clear that the Indus Water Treaty needs to be renegotiated – the process is likely to be packed with trouble: The Indus Water Treaty (IWT), one of the most effective water sharing mechanisms in the world, recently came back into the spotlight as a […]

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Indus Water Treaty: Crucial For Peace Between Pakistan and India

Via Geopolitics in South Asia and MENA, commentary on the Indus Water Treaty: The Indus Water Treaty is crucial to the peace and stability of the South Asian region. The treaty provides a framework for the sharing of water resources between India and Pakistan, which are two of the most populous and powerful countries in […]

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