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Water Dispute Between Malaysia and Singapore

Via Future Directions International, a report on the domestic concerns driving the water dispute between Malaysia and Singapore: Earlier in November, Malaysia renewed calls for Singapore to co-operate in revising a 1962 water supply agreement. According to Malaysia’s Natural Resources Minister, Xavier Jayakumar, the water reserve margin in the state of Johor has fallen to four per […]

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Malaysia Picks A Water Fight with Singapore

Via Asia Times, a report on recent Malaysian comments that say a decades-old, fixed rate supply contract is ‘too costly’ and ‘ridiculous’ while the rich city-state maintains that a deal is a deal: In resource-scarce Singapore, water is sacrosanct. Water security has long been a perennial concern for the otherwise rich city-state, which for decades […]

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Countries Facing The Highest Risk of Water Scarcity

Via Jai Shroff’s blog, a report on some of the countries facing the highest risk of water scarcity and what their governments are doing about it: In 2013, the World Resource Institute (WRI) Aqueduct project conducted a water-stress evaluation that looked at 100 river basins in 180 countries. Researchers calculated how much water is withdrawn […]

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Singapore A Global Hydrohub: From Water Insecurity To Niche Water Diplomacy

Via Eurasia Review, an interesting look at how Singapore’s water-related diplomatic efforts have evolved from bilateral agreements with Malaysia in the early years to international pacts offering water-related expertise to water-stressed countries: THROUGH STRATEGIC planning and investment in research and technology, as well as strong political will and effective governance, Singapore has emerged from water […]

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Singapore and Malaysia Discuss Water

Via Global Voices Online, a report on the ongoing discussions between Singapore and Malaysia over water.  Due to its size and location, Singapore sources about half of its water supply from its neighbor, Malaysia, under two major water agreements, one of which comes due in 2011.  As the article notes: “…The 1961 agreement provides for […]

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