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Can U.S and Mexico Secure Water Supplies in Shrinking Rio Grande?

Courtesy of Circle of Blue, a look at the need to change the 80-year-old water treaty between the U.S. and Mexico to accommodate the drying climate: Reservoirs sink to record lows. Farmers lament shortage of water for irrigation. Senior officials, buffeted by partisan disruption, haggle over the terms of new management plans. These scenes define […]

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Supreme Court to Resolve Decade-Old Rio Grande Water Dispute

Via Bloomberg Law, an article on the U.S. Supreme Court agreement to resolve a decade-old Rio Grande water dispute: ‘Original jurisdiction’ case involves 1930’s Rio Grande Compact US opposes settlement between Colorado, New Mexico, Texas The US Supreme Court has agreed to resolve a water dispute involving the Rio Grande River that’s been pending at […]

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A Grand Plan To Save the Rio Grande

Via The Hill, commentary on a grand plan to save the Rio Grande: America’s rivers are integral to our country’s natural heritage and economy — and they’re drying up at an alarming rate.   Already strained by decades of excessive water use, mainly for irrigation, once-thriving waterways now face the added pressure of climate change. […]

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The Rio Grande: Not Just A Border; A River In Crisis

Via The Conversation, a look at the Rio Grande: The Rio Grande is one of the longest rivers in North America, running some 1,900 miles (3,060 kilometers) from the Colorado Rockies southeast to the Gulf of Mexico. It provides fresh water for seven U.S. and Mexican states, and forms the border between Texas and Mexico, where it […]

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Supreme Court Fight Over Rio Grande Water Flows On

Via SourceNM, an article on ongoing legal tensions between Texas and New Mexico over Rio Grande water: Whether the water is low or high, the Supreme Court fight over Rio Grande water stretches on. The latest iteration of the legal fights that span decades, is the Texas claim before the U.S. Supreme Court that New Mexico groundwater […]

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Tensions Rise in the Rio Grande Basin as Mexico Lags in Water Deliveries to the U.S.

Via Inside Climate News, a look at rising tensions in the Rio Grande basin where – in 2020 – rebellious Mexican farmers occupied a dam in parched Chihuahua state to prevent the federal government from sending its reservoir water to Texas under a 1944 treaty: By late August, the usual monsoon rains had scarcely materialized […]

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