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No Respite From Water Crisis In Karachi

Via, a report on Karahi’s ongoing water crisis: While people continue to face acute water shortages in many parts of the metropolis on the eve of Eidul Fitr, there is no respite in sight from the water woes even during the three-day of the religious festival with suspension of supply through water bowsers for […]

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Pakistan Facing 30% Water Shortage For Sowing Season

Via Terra Daily, a report on Pakistan’s water shortage during an upcoming critical agricultural season: Pakistan is facing a 30 percent water shortage at the start of the sowing season for cash crops such as rice and cotton, the country’s water regulator said. The Indus River System Authority (IRSA) said the gap is based on […]

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Water Scarcity In Pakistan Is a Gendered Issue

Via, a report on water scarcity in Pakistan: Water scarcity is a deeply gendered issue that disproportionately burdens women, particularly in regions like Pakistan. Over a year ago, Pakistan made global headlines as catastrophic flooding tore through the country, resulting in displacing over 33 million people and unimaginable damage. After flooding destroyed villages and […]

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The Role of Water Governance in Pakistan’s Water Crisis

Via The Diplomat, a look at how the securitization of water governance in Pakistan does not actually help mitigate the water crisis in the country: In February, India stopped the flow of the Ravi River into Pakistan, claiming its exclusive right to use its water under the Indus Water Treaty (IWT). The treaty was signed in 1960 with […]

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The Parched Tiger: India, Pakistan, and the Politics of the Indus River

Via Harvard’s Mittal South Asia Institute, commentary on the politics of the Indus River: The Mittal Institute’s Syed Babar Ali Fellow, Muhammad Imran Mehsud comes to Cambridge from Hazara University Mansehra, Pakistan, where he is an Assistant Professor of International Relations. He is an expert on South Asian transboundary hydropolitics and his research project at the […]

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Taliban’s Hydropower Plans Raise Concerns In Pakistan 

Via Radio Free Europe, commentary on how the Taliban’s ambitious plans to build a dam on the Kunar River in Afghanistan are raising hackles in Islamabad: Plans by the Afghan Taliban to build a hydroelectric dam on a major river in eastern Afghanistan have raised concerns in neighboring Pakistan. A spokesman for the Taliban’s Water and Energy […]

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