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Drought Gripping Morocco Is Bad Omen for Global Food Supplies

Via Bloomberg, a report on how Morocco’s unrelenting dry spell is ushering in record wheat imports and risking fruit and vegetable sales abroad: Mohamed Sadiri has farmed the same 3 hectares in western Morocco since 1963, and he’s never seen the land this parched. Wheat yields plummeted last year to 1 ton per hectare (2.5 […]

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In Delhi’s Parched Slums, Life Hangs on a Hose and a Prayer

Via the New York Times, an article on how a heat wave has left water in short supply across India’s capital region. The poorest are left to crowd around tankers to get whatever they can: Before the water tanker rolled into one of New Delhi’s largest slums, Arvind Kumar was pacing between the gate of […]

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Water-Rich Gila River Tribe Near Phoenix Flexes Its Political Muscles In A Drying West

Via AP News, a look at the role that the water-rich Gila River tribe near Phoenix can play in a drying West: Stephen Roe Lewis grew up seeing stacks of legal briefs at the dinner table — often, about his tribe’s water. His father, the late Rodney Lewis, was general counsel for the Gila River […]

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Conflict Flowing Down River: The Water War Between U.S. and Mexico

Via The Week, an article on rising water tensions between the U.S. and Mexico: The U.S. and Mexico are experiencing another border dispute, and this one is about water. The conflict stems from an 80-year-old treaty where the countries agreed to share water from the Colorado River and the Rio Grande. However, because water is […]

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India-Pakistan Water Cooperation Returns to Kashmir

Via The Diplomat, a report on a hydroelectric inspection which signals increased India-Pakistan engagement amid climate concerns: In a significant move for both regional cooperation and climate resilience, a 40-member team comprising experts from India, Pakistan, and the World Bank arrived in the Kishtwar district of Jammu and Kashmir this week to inspect two hydroelectric […]

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Looking Beneath The Surface: Does Arizona Have Enough Water?

Via NPR, an article on Arizona’s water picture: Brett Fleck does not have an easy job. He manages water for a city in the desert. He has to keep taps flowing while facing a complicated equation: The city is growing — attracting big business and thousands of new residents every year — but its main […]

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