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Water Tension: Kashmir’s Role In Water Conflict Between India and Pakistan

Courtesy of Good Magazine, a report on the question & role of Kashmir in the growing water tension between India and Pakistan.  As the article notes:  Victory in Afghanistan, the Obama administration has decided, will require stability in Pakistan. Seeking help in the fight against militants along the Afghanistan border, Washington has sought to de-escalate […]

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India & Pakistan: On (Water’s) Edge

Via Good Magazine, a detailed look at the Indus Waters Treaty and new threats to its stability in light of the region’s emerging water crisis.  As the article notes: “…Halfway between Islamabad and Peshawar, the Indus River dips beneath the smooth six-lane blacktop of Pakistan’s National Highway. One day last month, I stood on the […]

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Water Sharing Pact: De-Ni(l)ed

Courtesy of Terra Daily, a report on that water ministers from Nile Basin countries delayed signing a water-sharing pact already rejected by Egypt and Sudan, who oppose any reduction in their traditional quotas. As the article notes: “…Six months was allocated to solve the problem,” Ethiopian Minister of Water Resources Asfaw Dingamo told reporters at […]

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Water & Food Security in South Asia

Via Columbia’s Earth Institute, a detailed look at the Indian state of Punjab which is in deep (water) trouble, trouble that could impact food & water security throughout South Asia.  As the article notes: “…located in the northwest part of the country, is known as the breadbasket of India. Punjab produces 20% of the nation’s […]

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The Last Straw For Failed States?

Via Foreign Policy, yet another sobering look at how climate change & water scarcity may affect failing states around the world: “…Hopelessly overcrowded, crippled by poverty, teeming with Islamist militancy, careless with its nukes—it sometimes seems as if Pakistan can’t get any more terrifying. But forget about the Taliban: The country’s troubles today pale compared […]

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Water War of Words

Via WaterCrunch, an interesting list of the top 10 water war “quotes” that have emerged thus far in the ongoing battle over scarce water resources in the southeastern United States in which a federal judge recently ruled the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has been illegally reallocating water from Lake Lanier to meet metro Atlanta’s […]

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