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Iraq: Rising Fiscal Risks, Water Scarcity, and Climate Change Threaten Economy

Via The World Bank, a report on the risks faced by Iraq from water scarcity and climate change: Iraq’s economic outlook has improved on the back of the recovery of global oil markets, with its GDP projected to grow from 2.6% in 2021 to over 6% in 2022–23. Nevertheless, without accelerated economic reform, unforeseen domestic […]

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Iran Forcefully Clamps Down on Protests Against Growing Water Shortages

Courtesy of The New York Times, an article on Iran’s response to water protests in a country in which weather experts say 97 percent is dealing with water scarcity issues: For two weeks the Iranian government tolerated growing protests over scarce water supplies in the central Iranian city of Isfahan, watching them grow as restaurants […]

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Climate Change and Water Scarcity: Giving Rise To Human Migration

Courtesy of Circle of Blue, an interview focused on how climate change and shifting water supplies are causing the greatest migration in human history: J. Carl Ganter: This is Speaking of Water from Circle of Blue. I’m J. Carl Ganter. Parag Khanna: There are many drivers and they’re all in overdrive right now. JCG: Human civilization […]

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World Bank Warns Over Looming Plunge In Iraq Water Resources

Via Terra Daily, an article on Iraq’s water scarcity challenge: Iraq could suffer a 20-percent drop in water resources by 2050 due to climate change, the World Bank said Wednesday, warning of repercussions on growth and jobs. Water is a crucial issue for the oil-rich country of 40 million that is facing an acute energy […]

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In Afghanistan, Drought Drives an Uptick in Child Marriage

Via Undark, a tragic story about drought’s impact in Afghanistan: “In March of last year, Rabia and her two young daughters were forced to leave their home in northern Afghanistan. While facing the threat of increased violence, their village was also in the midst of a severe drought that strained the water supply and devastated crops. […]

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Thousands Protest Dried-Up River In Iran’s Isfahan

Via Terra Daily, a report on yet another water related protest in Iran: Thousands of protesters converged on Isfahan in central Iran on Friday to voice their anger after the city’s lifeblood river dried up due to drought and diversion. The massive protest, that drew in farmers and other people from across Isfahan province, was […]

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