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Ethiopia Makes Progress On The Nile Dam Project

Courtesy of STRATFOR (subscription required), an updated look at the Grand Renaissance Dam project: The construction site of the Grand Renaissance Dam near the Sudanese-Ethiopia border March 31. Summary By learning how to cooperate, Ethiopia may be one step closer to realizing its dream of finishing construction on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. On Dec. 29, […]

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Parched Tiger: At The Mercy Of The Water Mafia

Courtesy Foreign Policy, a sobering look at the how – by pumping wells in the dark of night – criminal bosses rule the liquid economy in one of the world’s busiest cities: Down by the sandy banks of the Yamuna River, the men must work quickly. At a little past 12 a.m. one humid night […]

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Parched Tiger And Thirsty Dragon: Brahmaptura Dams Hold Back Silt, Not Water

Via Third, an article on the recently completed Zangmu hydropower project in Tibet, where China has assured India that water flows on the Brahmaputra would not be affected but has said nothing about the silt flow: The sounds of concern and assurance were familiar. As China completed building the 510 MW Zangmu hydropower station in […]

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Scarred Riverbeds And Dead Pistachio Trees In Parched Iran

Courtesy of the New York Times, a detailed look at Iran’s water  A dried-up salt lake near Sirjan, Iran. A seven-year drought in the country shows no sign of ending The early-morning sun meagerly brightened the gloom of this sad township, a collection of empty, crumbling houses along a highway through the dusty desert landscape in […]

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Iran’s Water Crisis Worsens: Could Foreign Investment Help?

Via Future Directions International, a look at Iran’s growing water scarcity problem where over 500 Iranian municipalities face water scarcity due to inefficient water infrastructure and unregulated domestic use:   Background The Iranian water crisis has little improved since FDI previously reported on it in 2013. A drying climate and inefficient water infrastructure have continued to be […]

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Global Implications Of New Groundwater Research

Via Future Directions International, a report on the world’s groundwater supplies: Key Points New estimates suggest there are 22.6 million km3 of groundwater within the top two kilometres of the earth’s surface. No more than six per cent of the global groundwater supply has been renewed within the last 50 years. A better understanding of groundwater […]

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