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The Thirsty Dragon: China’s “One Belt, One Road” Project and Implications of Central Asia’s Water Crisis

Via Global Water Forum, a look at the implications of Central Asia’s water crisis on China’s Belt-and-Road initiative: On May 2017, 29 heads of state gathered in Beijing to discuss the “One Belt, One Road” project, an ambitious economic and diplomatic initiative designed to connect China with the world. Although the initiative promises to stimulate […]

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US, Mexico Reach Deal To Conserve Colorado River Water

Via Associated Press, a report on a new agreement between the United States and Mexico to preserve the overtaxed Colorado River: The United States and Mexico unveiled an agreement Wednesday to preserve the overtaxed Colorado River, including spending millions of dollars on conservation and environmental projects and drawing up plans to deal with any shortages […]

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Iran’s Urmia Lake Restoration Target Elusive

Courtesy of The Iran Project, a report on Lake Urmia: The level of Urmia Lake is currently 20 centimeters lower than the target set for the end of the water year (Sept. 22), an official involved in Urmia Lake Restoration Program said. Ali Haji-Moradi, policymaking director at ULRP’s Incorporation and Planning Office, said that based […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: China’s Mekong Plans Threaten Disaster for Countries Downstream

Via Foreign Policy, a report on how Beijing is building hydroelectric dams and dredging to allow bigger boats as worries of environmental devastation grow: Thirty million people depend for a living on the Mekong, the great Asian river that runs through Southeast Asia from its origins in the snowfields of Tibet to its end in […]

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Water Stress is Helping Drive Conflict and Migration

Via the World Resources Institute, commentary on the connection between water stress and conflict & migration: Water stress and drought are as old as civilization, and while human beings have devised many ways to guard against these threats, economies have evolved in ways that make us more vulnerable. Recent water-related tragedies in Syria, Africa’s Sahel […]

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The Link Between Drought And Riots In Sub-Saharan Africa

Via Africa Daily, a look at the relationship between periods of drought and rioting: The scientific community has been working on the possibility of a relationship between periods of drought and rioting for several years. The University of Geneva (UNIGE), operating in partnership with the universities of Heidelberg (Germany) and Lucerne (Switzerland), has formally verified this […]

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