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Afghan Leader Demands Iranian Oil in Exchange for River Water

Via VOA News, a report on Afghan – Iranian water tensions: Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said Wednesday that his country is committed to give Iran its due share of water under a decades-long bilateral treaty but he stressed that Tehran will have to pay for any additional requirements.   “We will honor our commitments. However, […]

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Indus Water Talks Resolve Little, But Raise Hope For Dialogue

Via Third Pole, a report on the recent Indus Water Treaty meeting where – even as Pakistan’s questions about Indian hydropower projects went unanswered – both sides at the  showed an intention to engage: On March 23-24, the Permanent Indus Commissioners (PIC) of India and Pakistan met in New Delhi. The commission, tasked with addressing […]

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The Thirsty Dragon and Parched Tiger: China’s Dam Building Is a Security Risk for India’s Northeast

Via The Diplomat, a report on how – if a new hydropower project at the Brahmaputra’s Great Bend comes about – northeastern India will have to go to sleep with the possibility of breach of mammoth sized water reservoirs over its head at any time: It may not be outlandish to conclude that the sanction given […]

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Africa: To Avoid Water Conflicts in Africa, Stop Playing the Colonial Card

Via Deutsche Welle, commentary on how African countries need to stop using colonial-era treaties to hoard water resources and instead focus on sustainable water management to mitigate the impacts of climate change: As we mark World Water Day, I would like to take this time to remind African countries to stop taking advantage of colonial-era […]

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GERD-Lock: Egypt, Sudan Step up Diplomatic Action

Via Al Monitor, a report on how – as Egypt and Sudan intensify diplomatic action on the regional and international levels to confront the unilateral Ethiopian policies on the Nile dam – Ethiopia is seeking a countercoalition with regional countries: In a bid to confront unilateral Ethiopian policies on the Blue Nile, Cairo and Khartoum […]

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After Two-Year Pause, Indus Water Talks Take Off Between India, Pakistan

Via The Indian Express, a report on the resumption of talks to resolve outstanding issues under the Indus Waters Treaty: The Indus Commissioners of India and Pakistan met for the first time in over two years in New Delhi on Tuesday in a bid to resolve a host of outstanding issues under the Indus Waters […]

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