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Kyrgyzstan to Return Issyk-Kul Resorts to Uzbekistan

Via The Diplomat, an article on another example of water diplomacy in Central Asia: Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan completed the work of delimiting their border in January 2023. While it’s now clear exactly where one country’s territory ends and the other’s begins, other disputes about infrastructure – some nowhere near the border – remain. In addition to gas […]

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Kyrgyz-Kazakh Relations Strained Amid Water Cutoff

Via Radio Free Europe, a report at how water is straining Kyrgyz-Kazakh relations: The video recorded on a Kazakh farmer’s smartphone reached the Internet like a distress signal. “Zhambyl Province. Sugar beet. There is no water. The beet has died,” the voice said over footage of failed crops in this traditionally fertile corner of southern […]

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Water: A Barrier to Central Asia’s Rise?

Via Geopolitical Futures, a look at how Central Asia’s growing role could be hampered by a long-standing problem – water scarcity: Amid growing Western pressure and changes throughout Eurasia, regions that were once considered on the Eurasian periphery are now gaining significance. Chief among them is Central Asia, a region that was historically considered part […]

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Drought Hits Bishkek, Where Taps Are Running Dry

Via Terra Daily, a report on Kyrgyzstan’s water scarcity crisis: For the past month, Bishkek resident Kanychai Bakirova has lived with her family of 11, including young children, in a home with only a trickle of water running from the tap.At the laundrette where she works, she is unable to serve customers who come in […]

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Agricultural Droughts To Continue Across Water-Scarce Central Asia

Via Seed Daily, a report on the agricultural future of water scarce Central Asia: A severe agriculture drought swept Central Asia in 2021 in its early growing season, causing mass die-offs of crops and livestock and leading to increased food prices. This harsh drought is not an independent event but an intensification of a drying […]

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Climate Change and Water Resources in Central Asia: Growing Uncertainty

Via the Central Asian Bureau for Analytical Reporting (CABAR), a look at the impact of climate change on water resources in Central Asia: “Unpredictable water availability with more frequent and severe natural floods and droughts, a growing population and increasing water withdrawals outside the region mean that today’s actions are critical for a sustainable future,” […]

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