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When It’s ‘Easier to Buy Coke Than Water’

Via Northwestern Now, a report on a new tool for determining global water insecurity, which aims to show people can experience hardships even in water-rich areas: During a July gathering to advance the work of the Latin American and Caribbean Network for Water Insecurity Experiences, anthropologist Sera Young witnessed firsthand the human toll of the […]

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The Water Wars Coming to Central Asia

Via Foreign Policy, a report on rising water tensions in Central Asia where the situation has been bad for decades, but the Taliban threaten to make them worse: In Turkmenistan, household faucets are running dry and locusts are devouring crops. In Kazakhstan, a state of emergency has been declared as the Caspian Sea shrinks to […]

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Iran Says Talks Over Helmand Water Rights Yielded Positive Results

Via Ariana News, a report on the Afghan/Iran water tensions: Iran’s Vice President for Legal Affairs Mohammad Dehqan has said that negotiations with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) over the Helmand water rights have yielded positive results. Dehqan said in an interview with Shafaqna that his office had presented legal and expert reports over […]

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Water Security Challenges in Pakistan

Pakistan’s water supply has become a crucial resource challenge in recent years, made worse by the country’s enduring infrastructure and governance problems. The prospect of a major water crisis in Pakistan offers a stark reminder of the increasing vulnerability of the country to global climate change. The destructive floods that submerged a third of the […]

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Indonesia Braces for Prolonged Drought, Clean Water Shortage Due to El Nino

Via Channel News Asia, a report on Indonesia’s water crisis: For weeks, dozens of residents of Ridogalih Village have been flocking to a small river to bathe and wash their clothes, travelling on foot or by motorcycles under the relentless heat of a blaring summer sun. The water wells in this sleepy village – a […]

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Colorado River, Stolen By Law

Courtesy of Hight Country News, a look at how indigenous nations have been an afterthought in U.S. water policy for over a century, and that was all part of the plan: The turbulent, choppy waters of the Colorado River pull from tributaries as far north as Wyoming before they race south for hundreds of miles, crashing […]

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