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Climate Risks and Drought Loom Over Panama Canal, a Vital Global Trade Link

Courtesy of The New York Times, a report on how the lack of rain and changing weather patterns are slowing the ship traffic that moves goods around the world: Shallow waters, meet Christmas shopping. Drought, aggravated by the burning of fossil fuels, is slowing down the ship traffic that carries goods in and out of […]

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Panama Canal’s Revenue To Shrink By $200 Million Next Year Due To Ongoing Drought

Via Marine Insight, Panama Canal Authority expects revenue to fall by $200M next year due to an ongoing drought: The managers associated with the Panama Canal stated that they expected income to fall after the authorities were compelled to restrict the number of vessels passing via each to 32 owing to inadequate rainfall. Ricaurte Vásquez, […]

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The Fed’s Inflation Fight Faces a New Challenge: A Dry Panama Canal

Via Bloomberg, a look at the human and economic impact of Panama’s drought: Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell keeps careful track of employment levels, wages, consumer prices and numerous other metrics to see where the US inflation rate may be headed in the next year. He might also want to keep an eye on water levels at Gatun Lake. That’s […]

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