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Water Shortages: A Problem We Can and Must Solve Now

Via Area Magazine, commentary on U.S. water scarcity: In 1964, US President Lyndon B. Johnson made a historic request: he wanted a large-scale, nuclear-powered desalination programme to address the growing need for potable water in the American Southwest. Members of the federal government were dispatched to Israel for conversations with the world’s leading experts on […]

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Millions of Americans Are In Water Debt

Courtesy of Circle of Blue, a report that more than 1.5 Million residential customers Owe $1.1 Billion to their water departments: Margurite McNeill, a Black woman who is 83, lives in a brick-sided, two-story house in Northwest Baltimore that her husband bought a half century ago. Soft spoken and composed, McNeill recalled changes in the […]

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Las Vegas Asking Companies That Want To Move or Expand How Much Water They Will Use

Via Business Insider, a look at how Las Vegas is asking companies that want to move or expand there to show how much water they plan to use: Las Vegas is trying to balance economic growth and water conservation. The city is evaluating how much water a new businesses will use before green lighting them.  Conserving […]

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Heat, Drought and Population Growth Have Stressed Texas Aquifers

Via the Texas Tribune, a report on how diminishing springs and aquifers due to heat, drought and high for water demand highlight the urgency for Central Texas conservation districts to prioritize climate-focused management, potentially involving reduced pumping for sustainability: Almost every other day, Charlie Flatten gets a call about another local water well gone dry. […]

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Big Tech Had a Water Problem Long Before ChatGPT

Via PC Mag, a look at how data centers that run ChatGPT, Bing, and Bard consume huge amounts of water, but tech companies reported double-digit spikes in water use before these chatbots even existed: ChatGPT is making headlines for the enormous amount of water it uses, but water consumption in the tech industry has been an […]

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New Lithium Company Wants Billions of Gallons From Great Salt Lake

Via Salt Lake Tribune, an article on a new lithium company that wants billions of gallons from Great Salt Lake, but says it will put it all back; The lithium bonanza continues at the largest saline system in the West, but a new company says it can harvest the mineral in a way that doesn’t contribute […]

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