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Shifting Sands: Science, Policy, and Politics Collide In the Nile Delta

Courtesy of Harvard’s Salata Institute, a report on the Nile Delta: No one knows exactly how much the sea will rise in Egypt’s Nile Delta, but rise it will. Within a few decades the water will likely displace millions of people. Still, construction and urbanization continue, often with generous state funding. The Delta’s floodplains illustrate […]

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The Looming Climate and Water Crisis in the Middle East and North Africa

Via Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a look at the looming climate and water crisis in MENA: INTRODUCTION The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is naturally prone to being hot and dry, in stark contrast with the rest of the world. The region’s arid climate is the primary contributor to its perennial state […]

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Why Shared Water Could Become A Source of Conflict Between Arab Nations

Courtesy of Arab News, a look at why shared water resources could become a source of conflict between nations of the Arab region: Water scarcity is common across the Middle East and North Africa owing to high temperatures and limited rainfall As climate change depletes rivers and aquifers, experts warn a failure to jointly manage […]

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Water Wipeout: How a Solar Revolution in Farming Is Depleting World’s Groundwater

Via Yale e360, a look at how farmers in hot, arid regions are turning to low-cost solar pumps to irrigate their fields, eliminating the need for expensive fossil fuels and boosting crop production. But by allowing them to pump throughout the day, the new technology is drying up aquifers around the globe: There is a […]

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Egypt Stresses Right to Defend Interests as Nile Dam Talks Fail

Via Bloomberg, a report on the Nile dam talks: Egypt criticises Ethiopia’s ‘refusal’ to accept compromise Egyptian president has warned against curtailing water rights Egypt said a fourth round of talks over a giant dam being built on the Nile River by Ethiopia has failed, and reiterated its right to defend its water and national […]

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Egypt Announces Unsuccessful Conclusion of GERD Negotiations

Via Ahram Online, an update on the unsuccessful conclusion of GERD negotiations: Egypt announced Tuesday that the recently revived negotiation track over the long-standing dispute caused by the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) has reached an end as the fourth and final trilateral round of talks with Ethiopia and Sudan, which concluded earlier today, failed […]

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