Iran: Running Out of Time to Avoid Running Out of Water?
Via Modern Diplomacy, an article on how water scarcity, exacerbated by climate change, is posing a serious threat to global [...]
India’s Teesta River Funding: Ambition or Illusion?
Courtesy of the Asia Times, an article on how India can strengthen its relationship with Bangladesh and counterbalance China’s growing [...]
Mexico City Has Long Thirsted for Water. The Crisis Is Worsening.
Courtesy of The New York Times, an article on how a system of dams and canals may soon be unable [...]
The Thirsty Dragon and Parched Tiger: China, India Duel for Riverine Lifeblood of Bangladesh
Via Asia Times, a report on how both China and India are bidding to assist Bangladesh’s Teesta River project, though [...]
The Gen Z Water Dealmaker
Via LAist, a podcast on people with the most power on the Colorado River. [music in] Hey, this is Antonia [...]
Colorado River Tribes Can Lease Their Water To Dry States, but Why Is It So Hard?
Via Grist, a look at how the Colorado River Indian Tribes can now lease water to non-Indigenous users along the [...]

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