In recognition of water’s growing importance among youth and decision-makers across various public- and private-sector organizations, Water Politics has introduced an instructional design, curriculum development, and executive education practice that targets online/in-person course development for high school and university level students, as well as, featuring short-term certificate executive seminars.

These instructional materials will comprise seminar and self-paced online formats, as well as, full semester-long curricula that can be taught by Water Politics experts or made available for instructors to deliver on their own with lesson plans, readings, and assignments proposed by the course materials. Furthermore, we are establishing certificate credential partners to provide third-party validation and accreditation for students completing the various curricula.

While instructional content development is ongoing to reflect the changing world in which we live, some indicative course materials include:

  • Global Water Policy, Conflict, and Hope For A Water-Just Future Amidst The Geopolitics Of An Increasingly Thirsty World
  • Global Water Scarcity
  • The Nexus of Climate Change and National Security
  • Water In Developing Countries
  • Water and the American Civil War
  • Climate Change, Water Stress, Migration, and Human Trafficking: A Connected Link?
  • The Thirsty Dragon: China’s Search For A Water Secure Future
  • Sustainably Green: Policy, Technology, and Investment For A Resilient World
  • Carbonkids: A Primary and Secondary School Introduction To Climate Change, Adaptation, and Our Resilient Future
  • Cities, Structures, and Climate Shocks

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