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Water In America’s Southwest: A Glass (Lake?) Half Full

Courtesy of The New York Times, two interesting articles on the political, hydrological, and environmental challenges facing an increasingly dry American Southwest.  As the first notes, the distribution of the Colorado River’s dwindling bounty is likely to be reordered as early as next year because the flow of water cannot keep pace with the region’s […]

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Egypt and Thirsty Neighbors At Odds Over Nile

Courtesy of The New York Times, an interesting article on the increasing tensions between Egypt and its neighbors over the Nile’s waters.  As the article notes: The New York Times “…One place to begin to understand why this parched country has nearly ruptured relations with its upstream neighbors on the Nile is ankle-deep in mud […]

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Hijacking A River: Peru’s Water Tensions Boil Over Into Climate Change Strikes

Courtesy of The Guardian, a report on an unfolding in the Peruvian region of Espinar, where people are outraged about a proposed irrigation scheme that will deprive them of water.  As the article notes: “…The plan was to go from the Four Lakes district in Peru’s Cusco province up to the communities in the Espinar […]

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Water Tension in American Southeast

Courtesy of The Economist, an update on the water tensions in the southeastern U.S.  As the article notes: “…FOR Americans from the parched western states, the notion of Alabama, Georgia and Florida battling over water must seem as daft as three fat people fighting for a grape at a lavish banquet. Average yearly rainfall in […]

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Turning Siberian Rivers South: Central Asian Water Security

Via Terra Daily, a report that Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev recently resurrected a Soviet plan by suggesting that Russia should divert Siberian rivers so that they flow into Central Asia.  According to the article: “…Why not recall a project to divert the flow of Siberian rivers into the southern regions of Russia and Kazakhstan as […]

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