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Afghanistan’s Untapped Water Potential

Via Modern Diplomacy, an article on Afghanistan’s water potential: Afghanistan is at the cross roads of Asia. Dubbed as the “Gateway to South Asia”, historically, Afghanistan provided land access to invaders from distant lands during their onward march towards the Indian sub-continent. A land of gardens and orchards, deserts and mountains, and highlands and plains, […]

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War For Water? Iraq, Syria, and Turkey To Fight Next Over Rivers?

Via Newsweek, a look at water tension in the Middle East: The next war in the Middle East could be fought over water as Iraq, Syria and Turkey scramble to assert claims to two vital rivers that run through the region, according to a new report. Nabil al-Samman, a Syrian expert on international waters, made the case for […]

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Water Wars of Arizona

Courtesy of The New York Times, a detailed look at the battle between industrial agriculture and communities over scarce water in America’s southwest: Early one morning in July 2014, Lori Paup awoke in her new home in the Sulphur Springs Valley of Arizona and began unpacking boxes of clothes, hanging photographs and prepping the day’s […]

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Will Tajikistan Turn Water Into Oil?

Via Fergana News, a report on Tajikistan’s recent decision to sell water to China: Tajikistan has decided to do what has been said for many years, but that has not been done for one reason or another. Dushanbe will start selling its water abroad – Beijing will partner. Tajikistan’s Orienbank signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Chinese company […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Tajikistan to Sell Water to China, Upsetting a Delicate Balance in Central Asia

Via Window On Eurasia, a report on  a plan for Tajikistan to sell water to China: Tajikistan, a water-rich but otherwise natural resources-poor country, has agreed to sell water to China, a move it has talked about for many years but has been constrained from doing because of the possible consequences of doing so for […]

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Urban Drought Forces Iran To Seek Resolution

Courtesy of The Source, a report on Iran’s urban water crisis: Protests that began in the Iranian cities of Khorramshahr and Abadan over poor water quality have led to promises by the energy minister of a resolution this month. The cities’ municipal water supplies have been affected by drought and a rise in salinity since […]

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