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The Mekong: A Flood of Worry About The Impact of China’s Dams

Via Japan Focus, a detailed look at the impact that major floods of the Mekong have had upon Southeast Asia, not only in an environmental/economic sense, but also from a political perspective. Many countries are asking whether China is responsible for the heavy flood damage, as its cascade of dams on the Mekong have been […]

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Australia: On The Frontier Of A Global Rush To Commercialize Water.

Via The International Herald Tribune, an interesting article examining Australia pioneering efforts of what is likely soon to become a global wave to commercialize water.  If/as this comes to pass, we believe there will inevitably be greater conflicts over water and water rights.  As the article notes: “…Despite a long-running drought, Kingwill, who runs the […]

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Time For Northwest To Cash In Its Water?

As recently discussed in The Oregonian, parched Southwest U.S. states recently considered ways they might bring more water to the overtaxed Colorado River, and they imagined snaking a fiberglass straw up the Pacific coast and sipping from the Columbia River.  And, as the article notes: “…That’s probably a pipe dream, but it’s also a recurring […]

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Great Lakes Compact: Loose Ends Not Bottled Up?

As recently reported by AlterNet, there are a few analysts who charge that the Great Lakes compact, as written, will actually facilitate the commercial export of Great Lakes water: “…For 25 years, residents around the Great Lakes have worried that thirstier regions (or even countries) would make designs on their water. The lakes’ bounty as […]

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Canada Dry…?

As recently reported by CBC, Canada’s stores of fresh water  – according to a recent internal federal govemnment study – are not as plentiful as once thought, and threaten to pinch the economy and could instigate water ‘showdowns’ between provinces, as well as between Canada and the USA.  As the article notes: …’We can no […]

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Water Wars Forthcoming?

Several recent articles from the UK with opinions on how wars of the next few decades could be fought over access to water, according to some analysts. First, The View offered a look at the British government’s response to a recent WWF call to action on water issues: “…Countries need to act quickly to resolve […]

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