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Inter-Community Water Tensions In Cameroon’s Far North

Via Crisis Group, a report on water conflict in Cameroon: What’s new??Cameroon’s Far North, the country’s poorest region, is experiencing recurrent inter-communal frictions over water reserves. As national and local authorities try to contain fighting between Choa Arab herders and Musgum fisherfolk, other ethnic groups are at risk of being drawn into a conflict that […]

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Cameroon Fight Over Water Leaves Many Dead or Wounded

Via VOA News, a report on water related violence in Cameroon: Cameroonian officials say hundreds of people have fled its northern border with Chad after an ongoing conflict over water between cattle ranchers and fishermen killed 18 people and wounded 70. The wounded have been rushed to hospitals in Kousseri, a Cameroon border town and […]

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How The Private Sector Is Shaping The Future of Lake Chad and The Congo Basin

Via The Conversation, commentary on the complexities of water sharing in Lake Chad: Lake Chad’s declining water level has been on the political agenda of the Sahel region since the 1960s. The water is shared by Niger, Nigeria, Chad and Cameroon though it also affects communities in the larger regional spread of the basin that includes Libya, Algeria, Sudan […]

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Fights Over Water Worsening Lake Chad Conflict

Via AllAfrica, a report on how the impact of drying Lake Chad is causing tensions among communities with Cameroonians and Nigerians in Darak village, who constantly fight over the water: REPEATED conflicts among nationals of different countries over control of the remaining water in the drying Lake Chad are worsening insecurity in the terror-prone region. […]

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Lake Chad Shrinks, Conflict Grows

Via The Council on Foreign Relations, a look at increasing tension related to Lake Chad’s shrinking supply of water:   Chadian men collect water with plastic canisters loaded on a hand cart in Lake Chad, on the island of Kouirom, January 27, 2007. (Stringer/Courtesy Reuters) Earlier this week, the New York Times detailed the impact […]

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