The Parched Tiger: India’s Water Waste Could Hurt Growth
Via The Wall Street Journal, an article on potential impact of water waste on India’s growth: Indian policymakers warned that [...]
The Thirsty Dragon: China’s Coming Water Crisis Threatens Growth And Stability
Courtesy of The China Economic Review, a look at how China’s coming water crisis threatens growth and stability.  As the [...]
Egypt: Losing Its Grip On The Nile
Via The Global Post, an article on how political uncertainty in post-revolution Egypt is allowing other Nile states to wrest [...]
The Thirsty Dragon: Inside China’s Water Industrial Complex
Via The China Economic Review, a report on China’s water industrial complex: Few countries would be capable of projects such [...]
What Happens When All The Wells Run Dry?
Via Australia’s The National, a reprint of Thomas Friedman’s comments on the impact of environmental pressures on recent political uprisings: [...]
The Parched Tiger: Plans To Turn Northeast India Into A Hydroelectric Powerhouse
Courtesy of China Dialogue, a look at tension over plans to turn north-east India into a hydroelectric powerhouse.  As the [...]

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