Iraq, Turkey, and Water: More Than Just Surface Tension
Via Terra Daily, an update on the continuing scrabble between Iraq and Turkey over water flows on the Euphrates River.  [...]
Climate Change and Water Scarcity: Future Threats To Security
Courtesy of The New York Times, a new report on the the threat that climate change and water scarcity may [...]
Nevada: Don’t Drink The Water In Mexico…
Via The Las Vegas Review Journal, an interesting article suggesting that Nevada may look towards Mexico if various water conservation [...]
India & China: Cooperating Over Tibetan Glaciers
Via Qatar’s The Peninsula, a report that India and China are engaged in talks to monitor the glaciers in the [...]
Water Rights In An Age Of Scarcity: No Doctrine For Harmon(y)?
Via Peter Gleick’s always insightful blog, an interesting review of water rights in the age of scarcity and “The Harmon [...]
Water Tension: Kashmir’s Role In Water Conflict Between India and Pakistan
Courtesy of Good Magazine, a report on the question & role of Kashmir in the growing water tension between India [...]

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