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Collaborative Water Management: A Building Block for Peace between between Israelis and Palestinians

Via The Conversation, a look at how collaborative water management can be a building block for peace between Israelis and Palestinians: Water is a central element of the war between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Israel controls several water pipelines entering Gaza, much as it controls most of life there. But water can also be […]

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Water Wars: The Other Circular Economy

Courtesy of The Breakthrough Institute, a look at the future of farming as Western water grows more scarce and more precious: We humans have a built-in capacity to take things for granted. Perhaps it is a survival instinct, a constant drive to find a placid state of “normal.” It’s an understandable goal, but it is […]

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Desalination Won’t Work Everywhere

Via Business Insider, a look at how San Diego temporarily solved its water crisis by turning ocean water into fresh water. But desalination won’t work everywhere: The largest desalination plant in the US is in San Diego. Experts have said the huge costs and ecological risks mean these plants might not work nationwide. Other options, […]

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Running Dry: The Water Wars Deciding the Future of the West

Via The New Republic, a look at how – from rrom conservation to importing water from the Pacific, Democrats say they have all the answers to historic drought, but there is one thing no one wants to talk about: stopping the sprawl. On the eastern flank of metropolitan Las Vegas, out past a water park […]

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New Southern California Water Bank Improves Water Supply Reliability for Millions

Via Business Wire, a report on the new $211 million High Desert Water Bank, Metropolitan’s largest-ever investment in groundwater storage: After three years of construction, the first stage of a critical new groundwater storage project is complete and water is flowing into storage, significantly increasing Southern California’s water supply reliability in the face of a […]

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Biden’s $8B Quest To Solve America’s Groundwater Crisis

Via Fast Company, an article on the administration use of infrastructure funding to revive dormant plans for pipelines and reservoirs in rural areas across the West: Water is hard to come by on the Rocky Boy’s Reservation, and it has been for a long time. The Chippewa Cree tribe members who live on this reservation in […]

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