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Water-Trading Deals Are the New Normal. Trade Law Isn?t Keeping Up

Via World Politics Review, commentary on water trading: Five years ago, in April 2018, headlines around the world called attention to?South Africa?s impending ?Day Zero??the day when water levels in the dams supplying Cape Town were projected to?fall below the minimum capacity?required to keep water running across the city. The hydraulic apocalypse never arrived, due […]

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The Ripple Effect: Water Politics in a Global Context

Via Stanford, a recording of an interesting exploration of?crises of water around the globe?the flooding of Pakistan, the depletion of aquifers in the American Great Plains, among others which gives rise to the question: what does climate justice action entail for the communities who are least responsible for anthropogenic climate disaster and yet often bear […]

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Global Water Grabbing

Via Ozy, a look at the concept of ‘water grabbing’: Imagine being told you couldn?t fish in a local stream or swim in your favorite watering hole because an international firm had purchased nearby land. That?s happening to people all over the world, and in some cases it?s a matter of life and death, giving […]

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Satellite Data Shows Sustained Severe Drought In Europe

Via Terra Daily, a report on new satellite data that shows sustained severe drought in Europe: Europe has been experiencing a severe drought for years. Across the continent, groundwater levels have been consistently low since 2018, even if extreme weather events with flooding temporarily give a different picture. The beginning of this tense situation is […]

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As Planet Warms, Water Risks Abound

Courtesy of Circle of Blue, a report on how – ahead of a forthcoming World Economic Forum – political forecasters have been issuing water warnings: Water still matters. Last year was evidence that forgotten threats to global prosperity and safety can re-emerge. Covid flared in China as the country abandoned its isolationist policy, a reminder […]

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How Rapid Urbanization in Africa Compounds Water Challenges

Via World Resources Institute, a report on how rapid urbanization in Africa compounds the continent’s water challenges: Africa?s population is growing?faster?than any other continent?s and its urban population is expected to?more than double?by 2050. This urban rapid growth, which is mostly sprawling ?horizontal? growth, as the?World Resources Report: Towards a More Equal City?shows, is combining […]

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