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Thirsty In Paradise: Water Crises A Growing Problem Across the Caribbean Islands

Via, a report on water crises in the Caribbean: In the popular imagination, the Caribbean is paradise, an exotic place to escape to. But behind the images of balmy beaches and lush hotel grounds lies a crisis, the likes of which its residents have never experienced. Caribbean islands are in a water crisis, and […]

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G7 To Set Up Water Coalition To Tackle Crises

Via Energy Daily a report that the G7 to set up water coalition to tackle crises: French minister The G7 is setting up a water coalition to tackle the global water crisis, which is being exacerbated by climate change, France’s ecological transition minister said Monday. The Group of Seven industrialised nations meeting for two-day talks […]

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The Rising Contest Over Asia’s Water

Via the Hinrich Foundation, an insightful presentation on the rising contest over Asia’s water: The threat of water scarcity is one of the least profiled of geoeconomic tensions in the world and particularly in Asia, where nations are vying for control over a riverine network that feeds a global race for water-dependent technologies. Visual Capitalist […]

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Risk of Flooding Mapped Around the World

Courtesy of the Visual Capitalist, a look at risk of flooding around the world: Devastating floods across Pakistan this summer have resulted in more than 1,400 lives lost and one-third of the country being under water. This raises the question: which nations and their populations are the most vulnerable to the risk of flooding around […]

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Global Groundwater Withdrawals Expected To Peak In Key Basins Globally by 2050

Via, a look at a new study predicts that global groundwater withdrawals are expected to peak in about one-third of the world’s basins by 2050, potentially triggering significant trade and agriculture shifts: Experimental design showing combinatorial variations of 6 parameter categories used to design 900 GCAM scenarios. Credit: Nature Sustainability (2024). DOI: 10.1038/s41893-024-01306-w Groundwater withdrawals are […]

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Climate Change Is Driving a Global Water Trade You Can’t See

Via Bloomberg, a report on how more extreme weather is reshaping the availability of water, a commodity embedded in almost every product bought and sold in international markets: Every manifestation of the ­dangerous weather wreaking havoc around the world has one thing in common: water. As the Earth’s climate changes, the lack of water, or […]

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