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Drought Already Hampering The Green Energy Revolution

Courtesy of Diplomatic Courier, a look at the impact that water scarcity has on the great green energy transition in South America, with droughts making hydroelectricity less reliable: Climate change is one—if not the—existential threat of the 21st century. While global efforts to combat climate change are hotly debated and have not always yielded the […]

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Water and the High Price of Bad Economics

Via Project Syndicate, commentary on how the increasingly well-documented links between climate change, biodiversity loss, and water insecurity point to a fundamental issue: our economic systems are based on flawed thinking. We are forever reacting to market failures when we should be pursuing proactive strategies to shape the economy for the common good. Nearly 30 […]

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Fresh Water: Hidden Challenge, and Opportunity, For Global Supply Chains

Via The Interest, commentary on how and why fresh water is a hidden challenge, and opportunity, for global supply chains: Reports of lengthy shipping delays for vessels traveling through the Panama Canal this year have highlighted the critical but often overlooked role that fresh water plays across global supply chains. Drier than normal conditions in Panama, brought on […]

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What Does 1.5°C Mean For Water?

Via China Water Risk, commentary on what unprecedented temperatures mean for extreme events, melting ice & sea level rise, via an interview with WMO Director of Hydrology & Cryosphere, Dr. Uhlenbrook: This year we have seen extreme events devastate populations, cause hundreds of millions of dollars of economic losses as well as trigger food insecurity […]

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Arizona Is Running Out of Cheap Water. Investors Saw It Coming.

Via Bloomberg, a look at how Arizona moved to restrict housing construction around Phoenix as groundwater demand outstrips supply. But fast-growing towns are already buying water from elsewhere — and investors’ bets are paying off; With sand-colored houses overlooking an ornamental lake and a vast pool complex, Harvest in Queen Creek, Arizona, is typical of the […]

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Violence over Water Increases Globally

Via The Pacific Institute, a new report on the increase in water-related violence globally: The Pacific Institute, a global water think tank, today released a major update to its Water Conflict Chronology, adding over 350 new instances of conflicts associated with water resources and water systems identified from news reports, eyewitness accounts, and other conflict databases. […]

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