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Turkey: Ilisu Dam and Iraqi Water Woes

Via Future Directions International, a report on Turkey and Iraq water cooperation and competition: The Ilisu Dam is located on the Tigris River in Turkey, and, once filled, will be a source of both water and hydropower. In the past, Turkey has been criticised for withholding water behind other dams and reducing the flow into […]

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Imran Khan Sincere About Solving Pakistan’s Water Crisis, but The Solution Needs More than Big Dams

Via Future Directions International, an interesting report on Imran Khan’s efforts to solve Pakistan’s water crisis: With the election of a new government, the Pakistani water crisis has taken on a new dimension, as new Prime Minister Imran Khan has called for Pakistanis to send money to crowdfund new water projects. Khan has asked that Pakistan raise […]

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Hindu Kush Himalayas: A Highly Sensitive Water Tower

Via China Water Risk, an interesting interview on the Hindu Kush Himalayas: China Water Risk (CWR): Thank you for your expert contribution to our report and its launch. To start us off, what is the Hindu-Kush Himalayan (HKH) region? Can you briefly outline why it is so important to the future of Asia’s economy? Dr […]

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India, Bangladesh and Three Dying Rivers

Via Third, a sobering look at how dam building and pollution have turned three south Asian transboundary rivers into dirty sludge, unable to sustain life: Gurudayal Haldar, 62, has been a fisherman for the past five decades in Balurghat, in the Dakshin Dinajpur district of West Bengal. He depends on the Atreyee River to […]

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Gaza’s Dying of Thirst

Via Daily Beast, an article on Gaza’s water system which is on the verge of “collapse”: Mohammed Nimnim carries the water for his family.  On a scorching late morning last summer, the 15-year-old pushed an old wheelchair piled high with empty plastic jugs through Gaza’s Shati (Beach) refugee camp.  He rattled past modest groceries, makeshift tire […]

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Thirsty Cities Drill For Water

Via Circle of Blue, an article on the promise and peril of drilling for groundwater:  In the mountains east of the city, just beyond the curving road up Sir Lowry’s Pass, workers maneuver heavy machinery to stab at the ground near Steenbras Dam, drilling deeply with steel pipes to bring forth water. They are trying […]

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