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The Global Water Grab

Via the Transnational Institute, a look at “water grabbing” which refers to situations where powerful actors take control of valuable water resources  for their own benefit, depriving local communities whose livelihoods often depend on these resources and ecosystems.  As the report notes: 1.What is ‘water grabbing’? Water grabbing refers to situations where powerful actors are […]

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Yemen: Being Sucked Dry

Via Reuters, a look at Yemen’s increasingly desperate water situation: With a belch of acrid, greasy smoke and a jolt that shakes its moorings, the pump on Yemeni water farmer Jad al-Adhrani’s plot of land roars to life, and the race to squeeze the last drop of water out of Yemen’s parched earth resumes. Gesturing […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Behind Myanmar’s Suspended Dam (3)

Courtesy of China Dialogue, part three of the series on the Myitsone dam: Members of the Kachin Independence Organisation (KIO) and many other Kachins – including former communists – are confused or angry about China’s role in the region’s history. The Myitsone dam is just a flashpoint for those feelings. The sentiment I heard repeatedly […]

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Germany Offers To Help Resolve Central Asian Water Disputes

Via UZNews, a report that Germany has offered to help Central Asian countries resolve their disputes over water supplies in the region and has offered assistance with investment in solar and wind energy in order to help conserve water.  As the article notes: “…Regional cooperation and understanding the importance of natural resources are grounds for […]

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Water: New Weapon Of Mass Conflict?

Via The Hindustan Times, an article reflecting upon a classified US report that listed India’s three major river basins — Indus, Ganga and Brahmaputra —among the world top 10 water conflict zones in ten years from now. “…The report based on National Intelligence Estimate on water security said the chances of water issues causing war […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Behind Myanmar’s Suspended Dam (2)

Courtesy of China Dialogue, further reporting on the background to Myanmar’s recent decision to shelve a China-funded hydropower plant on the Irrawaddy River.  As the article notes: Everything I heard in Myanmar pointed to a failure to consult as the key issue in the furore surrounding the Myitsone dam. As Brother Kunsang of the Kachin […]

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